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This server is for game raids memes and robux giveaways!
Gaming | Community
Hello.We are a ROBLOX Community.We do bloxburg giveaways! We will start doing in a new game giveaways.Also we have giveaway ideas channel in the channel, you tell us in what games u want giveaways (In the game Trade System needs to be added) So we can trade you pets/hats or anything else that you need in game if you can trade it.We will grind the game untill we get very good pets, then we will giveaway those pets to a person who wins the giveaway!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Roblox Giveaways Here we do Robux Giveaways In-game items such as Jailbreak Cash Ninja Legend Pets Murder Mystery Items Pet Simulator Items Dungeon Quest Mining Simulator Bubble Gum Simulator Also earn robux by Winning events #🏆events and special robux giveaways Join now!
Community | Business
We make games n clothing we host robux giveaways we sell our clothing cheap
Anime | Gaming
We are a giveaway server that do multiple giveaways a day for a variety of Roblox games. We like to chill and hangout. See you there!
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Hello to all you roblox dev and players are you looking for devs or friends come to RDC where you can find some new ones at:)