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Welcome to Trading Server v2! Trading Server v2 is a reworked version of a server called Adopt Me Trading Club with 1000+ members. We even got the original owner and Moderators of Adopt Me Trading Club to be apart of this server! What Is This Server Anyways? - This server is for Roblox Trading, so you can find trades that are right for you from any type of Roblox game like Murder Mystery 2, Adopt Me, and more. We even have Epic Giveaways, cool bots, Good security, Moderation and SOO much more!! Join Today! :)
We offer Roblox trading for MM2, RH, and AM. We also have other game discussions, and more Roblox games!
Programming | Support
Server designed for roblox developers in any part of any department(scripter, builder, graphic designer, audio department, etc)
Gaming | Community
Welcome to "Roblox Network." Here you can chat with other roblox players, do fun commands and also receive news about Roblox.
Gaming | Community
We offer FREE ROBUX and we are a Roblox trading server which has popular trading games in the server for options to trade!
Gaming | Social
Rblx.Trade is a growing trading community on Roblox! We have a chill community were you can hangout and talk about whatever you'd like. We also have a website that allows you to see banned roblox accounts, item data, our values, and other cool statistics!
Gaming | Technology
Roblox trading Roblox buying Adopt me trading Adopt me buying And way more for you to enjoy!
Community | Business
This Discord Server is made by MattXTer and Lynx!In this server we have -Traders -Crosstrade -Friendly Community _Fun Things So come join us now so we can all grow together!
Gaming | Business
This is a roblox marketing server we trade, buy and sell so fill free to join.