A community focused Box Critters Discord server! Events, level system, and games. You can join today to talk about Box Critters, or even other games, with a group of fun and interactive members. We're growing slowly but surely and would love to add you to the group of people that make this server their home.
The Largest Box Critters Community! 3.8k+ Members! Rocketsnail / Mascot Tracker! Exclusive Box Critters News! All Box Critters Item Codes! 24/7 Box Critters Updates! boxcritters rocketsnail box critters clubpenguin We strive to create a trusted and safe community. If at anytime you believe there has been a violation. Please refer to the official Discord guide for reporting abuse.
A server based around Box Critters and the Box Critters Wiki! Anyone is welcome to join, and any appropriate discussion topic is welcome! https://box-critters.fandom.com