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This world, Wecht, has 32 similarly sized countries, these countries were once at conflict due to lack of resources. It simply wasn't enough to share the resources out equally, countries did nothing but quarrel over who deserved what and why. To prevent an inevitable war, an allied government was formed between the countries, and their solution to the problem of resource shortages was decided. Every 2 years, each country would submit a team of it's finest, smartest, strongest, most agile residents between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive into a year-long tournament bracket. Battles would pit two countries' fighters against each other to test their skills in combat, puzzle solving, strength, perseverance and more. If your team wins a battle, your country is moved onto the next round. If your team loses, your place on the bracket is finalized Where your country ends on the bracket will designate your countries overall share of the planet's resources for the next two years.
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A place where you can meet and connect with fellow roleplayers Find yourself a roleplay partner or a roleplay group Make new friends
Quieres unirte a un servidor de roleplay con posibilidades infinitas? Pues este es el lugar! -Quieres crear tu propio feudo medieval en la esquina este de alemania?, Pues puedes hacerlo! Actualmente tenemos más de 30 trabajos y un sistema de economía común y corriente, pero siempre puedes ayudar expandiendolo con tus locas ideas(O comunes(como quieras)) -Puedes crear tu empresa y contratar usuarios -Trabajar para el estado -Ser un politico corrupto o sobornar jueces! -Tan solo unetenos! Te esperamos aca en Roleplay Picoco
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Blind Eyes bir hacking & puzzel rp sunucusudur, seçimleriniz ve tercihleriniz sizi katman yükseltir veya katman düşürür, yüksekte olmak bilgeliktir altta kalanlar ise cehaletiyle yüzleşir.
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role play gaming community for dayz standalone.
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