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Welcome to GrindScape: The True Community of RuneScape Here at GrindScape, we want to achieve the highest quality of community gaming within Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. Meaning we will do everything in our power to create a place that focuses on inviting players to a enjoyable experience no matter if you're new or old to any of the games. We hope that here at GrindScape, you will be greeted to a warm and friendly environment, with as little toxicity within the community as possible. We pride ourselves on the friendly environment we try to maintain here. We assume that you read the rules of joining the server, upon entry - if you break the rules, you will be disciplined accordingly (the disciplinary information is that is within the #rules-faq) - if you haven't read this entirely then, we strongly recommend you do If you choose to not read the rules, ignore, or break the rules, we take no responsibility for your ignorance.
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Servidor do Clã Brasileiro Número 1 do Jogo RuneScape 3
Runescape's #1 Gambling Server -Daily Giveaways -[5%] 50-50 Commission staking -Swap in any way through RS3-07 INSTANTLY -Dice duels - Over/Under - 53x2 - BlackJack - Whip - Flowers - Sports and more! -1500M+ Weekly rewards for top bettors, and many more bettor giveaways Join us at https://discord.gg/gqPnYX9
"Ninguno de nosotros es mejor que todos nosotros"
Official Discord for the #1 ranked RuneScape 3 clan, Efficiency Experts!
A friendly RuneScape 3 community that boasts a complete guide to the Max Cape, the Completionist cape, the Master Quest Cape, the Trimmed Completionist cape, RuneScore Achievements, True Trim, AFK Thaler, Boss Guides, and Daily Money Making runs. You can join us every weekend for a range of events including boss teaching masses, minigames, and Runescore feat help. We also host AFK Thaler gain sessions during relevant minigame spotlights and offer free Reaper kills to learners who need their first kill in any group bosses.
Come join the #1 Gambling server for Runescape! We have blackjack, high/low, dicing, dice duels, whip, commission staking, chests, sports betting, wager rewards, provably fair, a unique wallet system, as well as an amazing community.
Previously known as Stake Of W54 on RS3 & King Of W301 on 07. Still the #1 Runescape Discord.
This is a Runescape Dungeoneering discord server for those who wish to pay to leech XP. We are a team of top DGers that provide the fastest experience and tokens in game, guaranteed. Our team holds many of the Dungeoneering records for the fastest floor times with one, two, three, and four leeches; the record sheet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16yBsPSOvWjELrjld0YqRCuvpCWaw1pq4zp8AgClZzUo/pub?gid=0 With our services you can expect to achieve: Level 1-75 = ~2 Hours Level 76-90 = Up to 2.3M Xp/h Level 91-99 = Up to 3M Xp/h Level 100-110 = Up to 3.7M Xp/h Level 111+ = Up to 4.5M Xp/h
A dicing server for OSRS and RS3. Weekly giveaways and fun events!
Welcome in The 69 Club! Join us for chatting, PvM, warbands, random memes, dungeoneering, minigames, etc. What we ask of you: - A fun personality that can handle some toxicity - Higher total levels are appreciated - Visit the citadel for 3% exp boost or 6% with fealthy 3 - Activity Feel free to guest, we're always up for a chat. We also have an amazing Discord channel, ask any clan admin for an invite. Cheerio!
RuneScape server for Old School RuneScape & RuneScape 3, anybody can join. LGBTQ friendly.
Home of British Army eSports
We are a community server starting up. Mostly looking for people to chill and do reapers with or just hangout. All kinds of levels and players welcome.
The Royal Crown es un clan de comunidad latina en Runescape, somos el clan más activo de Runescape 3 y un ambiente agradable para todo tipo de jugadores.
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RuneLife is an aspiring new RSPS(Also normal OSRS/RS3) Community that strives to unite players. At RuneLife, everyone is welcome. No matter whether you're a diehard veteran in the scene or a beginner. Feel free to check us out and have a chat! It's free! https://discord.gg/vkVVcHZ
• RuneBanks #1 Runescape Gambling & Gold Selling/Buying Gold Market Community •
Rules: 1: Respect each other. Treat everyone nicely and don't flame people who are noobs, we've all been there. 2: Try to help each other at all times, telling somewhere where to train, how to obtain unlocks, or just giving each other goals is what clans are all about. 3: NO BEGGING. Begging will get you banned. 4: Try to use all bot commands in the #𝐵𝑜𝓉-𝒞𝑜𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓃𝒹𝓈 Tab. 5: No Pinging @everyone, it's obnoxious and should only be used by the owner and admins. 6: No Griefing or Luring Rewards System: Rewards such as gold and bonds can be earned through recruiting "members" [f2p not eligible] to the clan. 1 Member = 500k + Rank 5 Members = 3m +Rank 10 Members = 7m +Rank 15 Members = 10m +Rank 25 Members = Bond +Rank
🚧Giveaways and Lottery 🚧 ⛽Earn your runescape3 gold⛽ 🌅TOURNAMENTS🌅