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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Community | Gaming
This server is for vegans who're looking for like-minded people to discuss and play video games with. It's meant to be a safe-space in a non-vegan world. As such we're limiting our members to vegans - any exceptions need to be approved by a moderator.
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Community | Entertainment | Gaming
Tired of joining servers and not fitting in? Here you'll fit right in! We're a fun, friendly, laid-back community with zero tolerance for drama and fights. Here you can jump right in to a discussion and you will be included. Don't worry about that nonsense you see on other servers here! ♡
Zur Blaubeere Icon
Community | Social
Hey, hey schön, dass du vorbeischaust.💕 Unser Server ist ein Ort für jeden der einen sicheren Platz sucht um neue Leute kennenzulernen. Momentan verfügen wir über eine Gaming und Anime Lounge. Zudem eine extra Ecken für Genshin spieler. Im allgemein Bereich ist natürlich jeder willkommen und darf sich den Konversationen anschließen. Bei uns zu finden: -Spiele Bots -Server Bot -Anime-Lounge -Gaming-Lounge -Musik-Lounge -freundliche Member -Farb Rollen -Vorschläge Bereich für frische Ideen. Wir würden uns über neue Gesichter freuen. Mit freundlichen grüßen vom Team der, Zur Blaubeere.
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LGBT | Mature | Community
🌺 18+ | Queer | POC | SFW 🌺 The only active space for 18+ queer POCs on discord!🌺
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Community | Social
Please note this server was released 1/30/23 It's small but can grow with *your* help ^~^ okai okai so- this is a community meant for a wide range of people with interest.. this is meant to one day be a community you can see as your family hehehe. I want this server to be one all can feel safe and wanted in and. Well. I feel with your help that can happen :3 this isn't gonna be a server ran by a group of friends who will ban you for no reason. This is gonna be a community shaped by YOU!! I promise. Can you give me a chance to prove you right? (⁠~⁠ ̄⁠³⁠ ̄⁠)⁠~
Love & Liberation Icon
Political | LGBT
☆☆☆☆☆ Love and Liberation is a 16+ BIPOC orientated, leftist, queer feminist/womanist server! We are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming space to discuss all types of feminism, womanism and activism! We strive to build a sense of community together surrounding these topics, as well as broader and more casual topics, such as gaming, frogs, and style! (you name it!). We also host several inclusive Safe Space community channels for BIPOC, Trans, Neurodivergent and Disabled folks. We share and collect a plethora of resources and are always open to teaching others about a wide variety of social justice issues, as well as learning ourselves along the way! We aim to create a space where folks can be comfortable to engage, ask questions and grow alongside each other! ☆NOTE: We are NOT a Feminist 101 or complete beginner server, nor exclusively a LGBTQ+ support server!
Bee’s Hive Icon
Art | Community
super awesome rad art server!!! Come chat with us I swear we are nice people :)
Non-Toxic Gaming 𓆩♡𓆪 Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
welcome to our non-toxic gaming community! 𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪𓆩♡𓆪 i hope our server appeals to you! we are very confident in our server, and we hope you love it. it has just opened up, so don't expect to see a lot of people, but our mods are frequently active. we have created this server because we have found many toxic servers with lots of people who say inappropriate things in the gaming voice chats, and mods not doing anything about it. we hope we can change that for the better, and make your discord server experiences way better! we will be hosting many events, so we hope you'll stop by ! thanks 𓆩♡𓆪 -our beloved staff
Community | Gaming
➡➡➡ ?ℝ??????ℚ?????? ⬅⬅⬅ ? Custom Emotes & Stickers focused on ??? Weed, Our Pets & the Brand ⭐ ? Profanity is allowed to an extent; ? Interactive Bots (Birthdays, Marriage & More) Join our growing community of like-minded individuals ?
Melhor Local Icon
Social | Growth
ADICIONE OS EMOJIS QUE QUISER! Tenha a oportunidade de deixar uma marca na história deste servidor em início de carreira e adicione o emoji que quiser! Aproveite e passe um tempo no servidor, venha conversar conosco ?
Bumper Icon
Entertainment | Community
𝔄 𝔥𝔲𝔤𝔢 𝔳𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔢𝔱𝔶 𝔬𝔣 𝔟𝔬𝔱𝔰, 🤖 ℭ𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔬𝔪 𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔢𝔰, ℭ𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔬𝔪 𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔢 𝔠𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔰, 𝔓𝔯𝔦𝔳𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔙𝔬𝔦𝔠𝔢 𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔰, 🔒 𝔖𝔞𝔣𝔢𝔱𝔶, 🧷 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔶 𝔡𝔦𝔣𝔣𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔱 𝔱𝔶𝔭𝔢𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔩𝔰, 𝔉𝔯𝔦𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔩𝔶 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔭𝔣𝔲𝔩 𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔣𝔣, 𝔙𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔣𝔦𝔠𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔰𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔪,
⋆。˚ Autistic Game Room ˚ 。⋆ Icon
Community | Hobbies
ପ૮๑ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ๑ აଓ safe community for all autistic women and fem-identified nonbinary people over 20 years old, with a shared interests in everything wholesome. games, anime, ttrpg, cartoons and more ✦ 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 we are a new server! to participate you must be: ✦ autistic ✦ woman or fem-identified nonbinary ✦ 20+ years old
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Anime | Emoji | Community
? 500 Anime Emotes & Stickers ? Active Chats ? Giveaways ? Events ? Anime & Manga? KPOP ? Gaming ? Social ? Genshin ? Art ?
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Koma Cafe Icon
Anime | Emoji | Community
? 500 Anime Emotes & Stickers ? Active Chats ? Giveaways ? Events ? Anime & Manga? KPOP ? Gaming ? Social ? Genshin ? Art ?
LGBTQ+ Save Zone! Alberta Icon
LGBT | Support
A safe space for LGBT Albertans to gather and discuss issues. We provide peer support, links to helpful local resources and just a general place to hang out. Our moderators are active and work to keep the community free of harmful messaging.
Fallen Stars Icon
Community | Support
╔═══════════════════☆♡☆═══════════════════╗ • ♡+:。.。 Welcome to, Fallen Stars│悲 。.。:+♡ • •——————————————•°•✿•°•———————————————• • - ͙۪۪˚┊❛ [INFO!] ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪◌ ellow!:3 Welcome to Fallen Stars! . We offer help to get online. We’re here to listen to you. WE CARE! We have vents and try to build up a great community. Here we welcome anyone, especially people who have depression, anxiety, mental health disorders, and other mental illnesses! We hope to see you feeling better soon! •——————————————•°•✿•°•———————————————• • - ͙۪۪˚┊❛ [WHAT WE OFFER!] ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪◌ '•.¸♡ Listening to your problems! ♡¸.•' '•.¸♡ Giveaways! ♡¸.•' '•.¸♡ Open vents! ♡¸.•' '•.¸♡ Chill People! ♡¸.•' '•.¸♡ Suggest and ask anything! ♡¸.•' •——————————————•°•✿•°•———————————————• •°•✿•°• We are a pretty new Server, which is why we r still low on members, but we appreciate every single one of you! •°•✿•°•
Nintendo Switch Family Icon
Gaming | Community
<@&1055326634208665612> 🔵ɴɪɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴏ sᴡɪᴛᴄʜ ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ 🔴 THIS SERVER IS 16+ SO IF YOU UNDER THE AGE OF 16 PLEASE DON'T JOIN. Want friends to talk to games about, maybe even play a couple? This is a Nintendo Switch server for anyone looking to feel accepted. Our focus is Nintendo games, but we branch out to all games released on Switch, and even have off-topic chats. If you just wanna make some chill gamer buddies, this is the place for you! We offer; • experienced and dedicated staff • channels for lots of different games, and off-topic channels • simple and easy to navigate layout • safe and friendly community • no boring spam, cliques, or gatekeeping • safe non-toxic space for anyone! ✨️sound fun? come join us and see what it's all about !✨️ https://discord.gg/fX4ufwKr
scary Icon
Community | LGBT
hi ^^ just a small server that i made, trying to make a community and make good friends <3 ! Looking for staff and active members ! Very New server so don't be surprised if its dead for now!! please bear with it... Everyone is accepted and will be treated respectfully, if you are shy, socially inept, or anything else, all is good, you are appreciated <3 Server is mostly about meeting good friends, sharing aesthetic photos, scary/creepy photos, anything really ;).
? Virtual Library Icon
Education | Community
-Study area with group timer and report card to measure your study progress monthly. -choose study mode,chill mode or deep focus as per your need to hide other channels -safe space, art, photography -server wide roles giving special permissions over time -fun activities along with study
Dummy's Chill Corner Icon
Community | Social
Started as a small group of friends that eventually grew in numbers. The server is a hangout or safe space for people to talk about whatever they need.
Gaming | Support
-Replacement server -We make custom skins -We have free citizens, bloods effects, kill effects, skins, roads, presets and much more.
LGBTQIA+ Community Icon
LGBT | Community
Howdy y'all! *in a thick texan accent* Now this right here is a fine server, finest one 'round these parts! Its a king and friendly server for not just anyone part of the LGBTQIA+, but supporters, too! In fact, we're welcoming any and everyone! This is a fine place to not only relax, but to chat, vent, discuss, joke around, and make friends! We've got all sorts of different channels for yer different hobbies! Heck, we've got yarn work, digital art, traditional art, games like the legendary Minecraft and Terarria, and so much more. Id run out of both breath and space trying to tell you all that we got here, so why dont you come down yonder and find out for yerself! We don' bite!
? Sugarcult ? [18+] Icon
Community | Social
? 18+ ? Based on Ddlg, Mdlb, Cgl lifestyles/kinks, inclusive, accepting partnerships, emojis, welcoming environment!
Art Godz Icon
Art | Community
Welcome to Art Godz Discord server of Aysi and Fiwin Also known as @WTrashart and @xfiwin. This server is full of friendly people ready to welcome more.
the friendz Icon
Community | Gaming
We're a new community that is mainly created to make new friends, chill in your free time, and play games together. We always welcome new members, so you can feel a part of the community. What we offer: Friendly Community Safe Environment Active Social Channels Game Roles Create your own Events Memes
Community | Social
A safe-space for all of the black women, enbies, and gender-fluid folk. Make friends and participate in the many exciting activities we have to offer from Spirit Week and Art Competitions to Movie Nights and Karaoke. We have plenty of different channels to offer as well such as Spirituality/Tarot, Interests (Reading, Anime, KPop, more+), Resources/Support Group! We also host plenty of fun events on theme with the season changes. We’re always open to suggestions! Our goal is to increase activity so we have more giveaway participation. We’d love to have you join us!
Gamercord ║ Looking For Group Icon
Gaming | Social | Streaming
A LFG & social centered gaming server that promotes a wholesome unique, and united community!
Gamercord ║ Looking For Group Large Banner
Gamercord ║ Looking For Group Icon
Gaming | Social | Streaming
A LFG & social centered gaming server that promotes a wholesome unique, and united community!
The Seelie Court! Icon
LGBT | Community
☆◦ 。\|/。◦☆ You! Yes, you! Over here! On the gay side of Disboard eh? Come check us out! The Seelie Court is an 18+ LGBTQ+-exclusive server with a heavy emphasis on wholesomeness and is fae-themed! Tired of joining 18+ servers, only to find that you’ve stumbled upon a den of iniquity, bursting to the seams with flirtsy flirtsers and neverending NSFWs? Worry not friend, we are the place for you! A non-NSFW server created with a focus on fostering a fun, safe environment for queer adults! We invite any 18+ 2SLGBTQIA+ users to check us out! Fancies you might find inside, dare you choose to enter, include: ★~fanfiction, anime and fandom channels! ★~activism, mental health and world events content! ★~music, gaming, and art sharing! ★~wholesome memes, pets, plants and an array of fun content channels! ...∩_∩ . („• ֊ •„)♡ ┏∪∪━━━━┓ We hope you choose to give us a visit! ☆◦ 。\|/。◦☆
☾ moonlight . Icon
Community | Design
heyhey! welcome to our server, here is some info about us ! ★ we are a sfw and safe place server for everyone to talk in ! ★ we are new, so expect many improvements in the future . ★ our staff team consists of : Melody , Simon , Aster, and more to come . ★ if you need help with anything please @ any of the staff , we will try our best to be there for you
Dark Aether Icon
Community | Entertainment
✰??????? ?? ???? ??????✰ ?? ??? ? ???? ????????? ?????? ???? ? ????? ?????????? ????????? ??? ???? ????????? ?? ??????, ?? ??? ??????? ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????????, ?? ????? ?? ? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ??! ???? ?? ! ?ℎ?? ?? ?????: ✰??????? ??? ???????? ???? ?????? ✰???? ????? ??? ???????? ✰???????? ??? ??? ????? ??????????? ✰?????? ??? ??????? ✰???? ??? ??????? ???? ?????? ?ℎ?? ?? ????: ✰?????? ??????? ✰???? ?????? ??????
comfort quilt Icon
LGBT | Community
a safe, fun place to hang around! you don’t even have to be gay to join! we offer: ‣ an active, safe community ‣ accommodations for everyone! ‣ moderators who ACTUALLY care about the server and its members ‣ constant updates to the server ‣ special, limited-time categories on certain topics ‣ and, most importantly, YOU! everyone here cares about you!
✫☥☾???Ⳑ??S??☾☥✬ Icon
Community | Social
Community server! -lgbtq ,poc, did, agere (etc) safe space! -nsfw channel, main limited to only sfw 12+ Fun bots(:
ND teens ♾ Icon
Community | LGBT
This server is a safe space for (LGBTQIA+ specifically but non-LGBTQIA+ ND teens can still take part in the server) neurodivergent teens We don't discriminate: -Systems that came from trauma (tupperbox bot is available) -Xenogenders -Neopronouns/Xenopronouns -Self-diagnosis as long as you did a lot of research and are completely sure/ and or got an opinion from close ones who have said diagnosis -Special interests -Otherkins, Fictionkins etc. You're not welcome, please leave: -People under the age of 12 and over the age of 17 (bodily age for systems) -If you support unvalid sexualities like zoophilia, maps/pedos, "bi lesbians" and other -Basic criteria like being racist, homophobic, ableist -Intend on breaking the rules, trolls. pros: -We add custom special interest roles so you can meet and talk to people with similar special interests (until we have space for roles that is) -We offer matchmaking people (for platonic friendship purposes too, not just love)
The Lost Campfire Icon
Community | Entertainment
꒰ ⛺ ꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔*:・゚ The Lost Campfire is a safe, chill, and fun space for anyone. ~Some of our top features are:~ ❔ Question of the day, ? Easy counting (no resets on mistakes!), ? Pet of the week, ? Game nights (Which include prizes!), ? An aesthetic server layout, ⭐ A channel for non-English speakers, ? 24/7 music, ? Relaxed rules, ? Fun and creepy facts, ?️ Weather reports only from here, ? Kind members and staff, ☎️ A userphone, ? Rewards for invites, ?️ Forums, ?️ A variety of different photography channels, ? Lots of giveaways (Dank Memer, Nitro, etc.), ? And we are open to partnering! Come give The Lost Campfire a try! -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ- ? https://discord.gg/MQ87897FrA
TheFuckinClubhouse Icon
Gaming | LGBT
Destiny 2, DeadbyDaylight, Minecraft, LGBTQA+ 420 friendly, Alcoholic friendly.
Army Of People Icon
Mature | Social
☆ Mature members ☆ Small tight-knit community ☆ Custom roles and channels ☆ Weekly server events ☆ Regular VC
Unofficial Youtube Rewind Icon
Education | YouTuber
ENGLISH only. I don't want a server for "nice people" I want respect and real connection - effort for effort. How much you will invest into the server YOU WILL GET BACK GUARANTEED. Also say Hi to Ariana Grande for me ?
The people of space Icon
Community | Entertainment
The People Of Space Are you looking for a server to join? Come to The People Of Space! Here's what we offer: -Gaming -Self-promotion -A safe and respectful environment -Anime -Interactive and friendly staff -LGBTQ friendly -Over 100 channels to visit! -Lots of fun -Music -VC -A safe-space -Memes -Helpful and working bots -Active members -A venting area and hotlines -Lots of love -Artistic recognition -Mental health acknowledgment -Fandoms There is much more as well, come visit today and help the community grow!
We Happy Discord Icon
Community | Gaming
This is a discord for the game We Happy Few that came out in 2016, and the community isn’t all to much alive. So we goal to get the few here and get the members of the community together!
Polar Ace Icon
Community | Streaming | Entertainment
Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
Polar Ace Large Banner
Polar Ace Icon
Community | Streaming | Entertainment
Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
Therian/Otherkin Group Holding Icon
Community | Social
Interested in having a place to hold your Prides/Packs/Groups or just to find one? Well this is a sever where you can hold them or find one! This sever is open to any therian/otherkin out there who is wanting to hold their groups there.
Avalon Reboot Icon
Community | Support
﹢˖✦¸﹢¸°˖・·̩。☆﹢˖✦¸﹢¸°˖・·̩。☆﹢˖✦¸ Welcome to Avalon Reboot! ✅LOOKING FOR STAFF APPLICANTS!!✅ ‼️NEW REVAMP‼️ ‿︵‿︵? - - - - - ?‿︵‿︵ ?⌇self rolesˊˎ 「?┊Safe Vents + General Chat」 ?┊Art + Pet + more hangouts╰──╮ —?₊˚⌇All users friendly! (PluaralKit for DID/OSDD) ╭╯?┊Minecraft server ?⌇Garden Theme❭ ‿︵‿︵? - - - - - ?‿︵‿︵ ❤️Hope to see you soon!❤️ ﹢˖✦¸﹢¸°˖・·̩。☆﹢˖✦¸﹢¸°˖・·̩。☆﹢˖✦¸
Frine W.I.P Icon
Entertainment | Community
Frine is a safe server because, in the history of Frine nothing has happened, it's moderated 24/7 and you'll make a lot of friends. If you don't make friends you can go into the "make-friends?" tab and then ask for friends with a short description about you.
ᵔᴥᵔ Anime World ⛩| ≧◡≦ Icon
Anime | Gaming
An awesome server where you can come hang out and talk about Anime & Gaming! Fun and safe for everyone of all ages!
The Musical Mansion Icon
Music | Community
Make friends, talk about your favorite artist, band, songs, and albums, be up to date on news in music, and much more in ?The Musical Mansion! ?
Crows Place! Icon
Community | LGBT
System and fictive safe space I made! Small but growing server. We have both pluralkit + tupperbox and channels for introjects to find sourcemates. We have other fun bots, a movie night, gartic phone, and were always open to suggestions!
Minority Safe Space Icon
Community | LGBT
Safe space for minorities, including channels for education about different minorities and their issues they have to deal with and more | | Multiple self-assignable roles | | Levelling with bots | | Monthly Giveaways | | Plural Kit | | General community features | | Hobbies / Interests channels
lonely or bored people Icon
Community | Support
Very new server, / International, mostly European if you are bored or feel lonely feel free to join! Everyone is welcome to hang out and chat Safe space to talk about anything No toxicity allowed
The True Visionary Idols Icon
Gaming | Anime
Genshin Impact fan server! We are welcoming and friends and would just love for you to come join us!
Nachtlokal Icon
Community | Anime
Willkommen auf dem Nachtlokal Server. Unser Discord Server ist darauf fokussiert eine sichere Umgebung für unsere User zu gewährleisten. Also fühl dich bei uns wie zuhause und werde ein Teil der Nachtlokal Community! Finde Mitspieler, nehme an Events und Give-aways teil oder finde neue Freunde. Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß auf dem Nachtlokal Discord :)
Sweet Crèmes Icon
Social | LGBT
S.C. Is a safe space to hang out and chill at, Nitro giveaways and many others. Unlike other servers we don't have strict language rules. We also appreciate it when you stay active in it because it allows more people to stay on join. Me, Bear With Nice Hair, I want to giveaway and Xbox one so please consider joining. —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Though this is a language safe server you can't take advantage of this as there's some unnamed moderators who can speak multiple languages Moderation is very high on the server. Mods are not to be applied for but the responsibility is randomly given to people. Giveaways are not given if you are seen as a disturbance. Aside from these rules, once a month, bans, kicks and warnings are all closed if they are not serious accusations/offenses.
The Discord Hotel Icon
Social | Role-Playing
A hotel made entirely in Discord! Floors and all, each room is a VC you can have locked and unlocked! You can do whatever your heart desires if you know what I mean~
Paradox Paws Icon
Furry | Community
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
Paradox Paws Large Banner
Paradox Paws Icon
Furry | Community
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
Crescent Icon
Welcome to… ‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Crescent ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙ . . . . ???? ???? ????? . . . . What we have in stock: - Amazing members! - Sfw community! - Many fun bots! - Events! - Channels, channels, and more channels! - Self roles! - Emojis! - Great vibes!
JailBreak Trading Co. Icon
Gaming | Community
This is JailBreak Trading Co. Here you can buy, sell, and trade for anything amongst Jailbreak. You are one step closer to achieving greatness! This Server is mainly for Jailbreak, a Roblox game. We offer: -Organized Channels -Safe, welcoming communities -Easy access to be able to trade and enter giveaways! -More fun, easy, and nice things waiting for you!
Clover Kingdom Icon
Anime | Entertainment
We are a server that focuses on four main topics. Manga, Anime, Black Clover ! You can find many friends of the same interests and just have a fun time in our server. We offer a lot in our server! We're making events, we have many fun bots and more! We really want to draw members and find new friends of our own aswell <3 We can offer you: -- A crystal clear moderation so you can feel protected in the environment you are in . -- We're constantly trying to find new features and have more sections so you guys can have much fun! Got an idea? Hit us up! -- Many fun bots to play with, card games, waifu cards, you name it!, -- You could also just hangout in any of the voice channels, listen to music, whatever you want. -- We'll also keep you awake at night haha ^^ Consider joining our server and support us through our journey!
ThirdSonWasTaken Icon
Gaming | Streaming
In this discord we have fun together playing games and having good conversations. Join to play games with the gang or to be notified when ThirdSon is streaming. We do have one mod currently and they keep things safe and fun. All pronouns are welcome! LGBTQIA+ Be respectful of others and conscience of what you say. No hate allowed here, this is a safe place for all!
Mango Lodge Icon
We're a new 18+ SFW with the goal of creating a comfortable community where everyone can feel welcome. We offer VC parties, game & movie nights, several game bots with the option to request more, giveaways for active members, plenty of perks for boosters, as well as multiple planned servers for games like Minecraft where every active member is more than welcome to join. No toxicity, drama, or bullshit - just come on in and make yourself at home!
S4Y Icon
Gaming | Technology
ℹ️ __**>Server Information<**__ ℹ️ We are a discord server for fun and for my SMP We have lots to do on this discord like the following: ➥ Economy ➥ Economy Shop ➥ Gems ➥ X Gems ➥ God Gems ➥ Gems shop ➥ Trophy ➥ Trophy shop ➥ Events ➥ Event points **Soon** ➥ Event shop **Soon** ➥ Thunder coins ➥ Thunder coins shop ➥ Gems Bundles ➥ Crates ➥ Lots of giveaways for gems money for economy etc etc ➥ idle miner ➥ Game chats ➥ Booster giveaways ➥ Movie chats ➥ Tv show chats ➥ Book chats ➥ Free movie/Tv show site/link (I use all the times)
Womens only server Icon
Community | Gaming
A safe space for women, non binary, trans women to chat and have fun. no judgements <3 have a great time here
chris' dank memer safe place Icon
Bot | Entertainment
A professional Dank Memer Bot server with multiple channelsfor every command.
HomiesRUs Icon
LGBT | Community
? We’re a small server that has active chatting from members all around the world. ⭐ We're the best place on Discord to come and meet new people!
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Community | LGBT
- ͙۪۪˚┊❛ [Alternative and LGBTQ+ Germany ] ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪◌ ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ Für alle die einen alternative Style haben und/oder der LGBTQ+ Community angehören ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ Wir bieten ┇Per Hand Verifizierung zur Sicherheit ┇Austausch untereinander ┇Einige auswählbare Rollen ┇Level Rollen ┇Anonyme Beichten und Therapy Bereich ┇Therapeuten die für euch da sind ┇Bots (Lawliet, Mudae) ┇Und einen Support für Fragen/Probleme ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ ┇Bewerbungen für Mod/Helfer, Event Manager und Therapeut sind offen ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ Inv: https://discord.gg/59g7p4eVGp ╭┈˚₊⁀⁀꒷ ♡ ꒷︶︶꒷꒦‧₊˚⊹
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Welcome to Your Goth Girlfriend and Golden Retriever Boyfriend Discord Community, where Bi-Wife Energy and all are welcome. @GoldenKeith is your Golden Retriever Energy Boyfriend & @RedRiotingHood is your Goth Alt Energy Girlfriend. We are here to hopefully give you a good time and a chuckle Look out for some cosplay streams and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths Most importantly Enjoy yourself Have Fun ?
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Worldwide server for Pokémon GO players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!