Welcome to Fantastika a rp set in the future the year of 2231 where magic and modern tech co exist would you join a faction and fight in the many possible wars? would you be a freelancer? or try to find your own faction? the choice is yours
Fortuna Station is a Sci-Fi roleplaying server with original lore and setting. Inspired from the various Sci-Fi media we have, the server aim to allow the roleplayer to experience the Sci Fi setting with their character, participate in riveting events, RP with interesting characters and so much more
The year is 2016 AD,3 years after the devastation  of the third world war- even then, humanity continues  to survive in the Abyss that is outer space. The Neo Zhūhóng Empire, ruled by the ousted Chinese monarchy, the Royal Federation of corena, an aristocracy which rules the outermost asteroid belt colonies. These nations using their weapons, such as the superhuman proto-humans,  the humanoid Mecha known as HAUs, and their large fleets of ships,to continue fighting, in an ever changing RP, where factions rise, fall, and Change hands constantly- the question remains of who will gain power in space. Will the nation-states of earth itself extend their reach over the solar system-- or will the colonies?
Sci-Fi, Sims & Music - Live Gaming Updates from multiple sources and Live Now Channel for popular streamers.
A SciFi gaming Fan Discord, General SciFi, Star Trek and STFC Discord.
This is a small RP server which is based on the idea that humans, after the earth is destroyed, move the population into the planets of our solar system. Being millions of year later, we have the technology to thrive in our new homes.
THE SCI-FI DISCORD / Discuss your favourite sci-fi movies, books, tv and games! Hang out, share recommendations, artwork etc. Regularly updated spoiler channels for new releases and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Channels for comics, collectors, animation and more. Star Trek: Discovery channel open now!
Ben 10 RPG with a great community, regular games, and a number of fun game modes! Definitely worth at least checking out.
A cyberpunk city run by five joinable crime families, be a hero, or help the city burn.
Hundred and twenty years after the First Contact, Starship Aurora is launched from drydock, with the hopes of many that her launch will usher a new era for humanity. But what the brave crew does not know is that the adventure awaiting them is something even beyond their wildest dreams.....
A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their body to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces. In reality just a bunch of lads with a variety of interests who've known each other for a long time. We're usually up to whatever has our interest at the time. We don't care who you are or what you do, so long as you're not a total cock about it. We're all dads at the end of the day.
The year is 5542, twenty years after the United Federation arrived at Pandora. Tensions have been rising between the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora, after they splintered off in 5534. The planet itself is inhabited by strange hostile creatures, and no known species can breathe the air, other than those creatures. Because of this, both the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora have constructed cities protected by atmospheric shields, which provide some protection against multiple forms of attack, but cannot take heavy fire. There are aincent structures left behind by a mysterious civilisation, containing technology more advanced than anything anyone has seen before. The Confederacy of Pandora wants to use this technology for themselves, and the United Federation is not so sure about this and believes that the technology should be left alone, at least for now.
We are a chill roieplay server with: ◆ Custom lore to enjoy and play around with ◆ 5 possible DNA modifications ◆ 14 Nanotech abilities to choose from, custom is possible too! ◆ The elusive and dangerous Modification Madness to risk! ◆ Cybernetics! ◆ Threats and Factions! And more!
Hello everyone! We are a friendly, growing community for adventure, high fantasy topics and gaming. We like to text-chat and voice-talk about things related to fantasy books, movies and games. May the power of the Maiar be with you!
A roleplaying server set in a sci fi fantasy with plenty of god's, realms, monsters, species and anything you could ever ask for in a coherent original lore codex.