We're a community of DanganRonpa Roleplayers who run frequent killing games, and are currently gearing up for our first one! However, you are totally not required to join the games! Use the server to make friends, find roleplays, and much more!
It's a simple, fun Danganronpa RPing and chatting server for Danganronpa fans. Doesn't matter which game, it's entirely Danganronpa!
community+roleplay server, lots of bots, friendly, inclusive! danganronpa-based, seperate spoiler channels, reaction roles
hi! sami here- this server is a remake of the classic [ » Danganronpa ] server! that server was amazing, but it died out, so we remade it! here; we offer - a vast amount of role play channels - characters to choose from - a safe space to talk and make friends - many fun bots - great people! I hope to see you here!