Community | Support | LGBT
Friendly self-help and support server. A fully staffed support team, regular events and accountability programs. Useful for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, bpd, or any other mental illness and depressive episodes.
Fitness | Community
🎇🎉WELCOME TO THE OVERACHIEVERS INC. OFFICIAL!🎉🎇 ________________________________________ 👑Community: Most coolest, chill, and realest people you’ll meet😎 💎Fun times: Hustle✅Grind✅Roast✅listening to music✅memes✅Gaming✅ 🍹Chill Moments: Listening to music, talking about recent progress, vibes, etc. ⚠🛑Caution: Overdose of success and hard work😈🛑⚠ 🧾Categories: Self improvement, Fitness, Gaming, Daily Quotes, Law of Attraction, self help, and meditation
Growth | Community
We are a community that is (positively) obsessed with success and lasting happiness in every area of life.
Community | Education
A self-help server centered around helping our members develop discipline, virtue, and allowing them to be their ideal selves all while building a sense of camaraderie in the community!
Support | Growth
Boost productivity and motivation. End your procrastination 100%. Eliminate toxic mentality and bad habits, raise your emotional intelligence, fix your relationships and find your calling.
Social | Education
This is a server for people who want to talk about how to not be sad. If you are sad, and you want to not be sad, please join for help. We provide a number of tactics and techniques which can help self-directed individuals not be so sad all the time.
Community | Support
Happy abode is a server where you can volunteer to help other people or get help. Mental health is our first priority.