A Discord server dedicated to the core series of eries of Pokémon games, with the focus currently being on the latest games, Pokémon Sword & Shield. What we offer: - A premium genning service for those hard to find Pokémon you're struggling to get your hands on - A friendly environment to chat about all things Pokémon and well... anything else in our social channels - A trading platform for core series games, primarily Pokémon Sword & Shield. - Gmax/Dmax raid help as well as shiny raid hosting! - A gym challenge set up by our server and its members, check it out!
Pokemon SwSh Server! We do daily shiny giveaways, TONS of shiny raids, tourneys, and more! Come join us to help us become a bigger and better community!
All things Pokemon, come join us for Den Raids, Games, and Giveaways and just fun chat
Friendly for all ages Pokemon Sword and Shield oriented server. We cater to all previous Pokemon games too! Frequent giveaways and fun content every week!
No rules pokemon trading.
Hello! I am Grim. Have you ever wanted any Pokémon from Sword and Shield? Well today is your lucky day! Head on over to The Pokémart, and you can get any Pokémon that is in the game! Here are some things that we offer: • Free Pokémon Monday, where you can request a free Pokémon of your choosing. •Giveaways, which happen frequently. •Paid request, where you can purchase a team, box, or even Pokédex of Pokémon. •A great and friendly community. •We even do Pokémon streams where we battle players! •Once we reach 100 members, we will start hosting tournaments and select a few gym leaders for a new challenge to players that have completed the games. So what are you waiting for? Come join us! We hope to see you there!
Welcome The the Keldon Pokemon league! This is a server mainly based around discussing, trading and of course, battling in pokemon sword and shield. Our League will be starting soon, so if your interested feel free to join! Im also looking for genners to possibly help host giveaways in the server. This is a relatively small server, so were looking for more members so we can begin the league.
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything at all! Come hang in the hottest port of Unova!
We are recruiting Gym Leaders for the server! If you’re interested and want to join in, only requirements is that you fill out an application posted on the server. Must have Sword/Shield, and Nintendo Online
We are a Pokemon Sword and Shield server specializing in Max Raid Battles! From 1 star to 5 star GMax raids, come host or attend raids! We love shinies too! New to the raiding scene? We'll teach you!
Welcome to Shiny Emporium, the best Discord mega-server created for all your shiny hunting needs. We feature channels dedicated to giveaways, donations, and other topics. Join today!
Hi Welcome to the hideout. Join us to make some nice active friends. We have trading, Shiny hunter stuffs, and Battling (Competitive and Casual). What makes us stand out from the others? Well the current owner is in the process of making all custom emotes digitally drawn and she takes requests of any kind (Keep them pokemon related). We also have a level up system for different pokeballs. The highest being master ball rank. We don't mind if you are new to pokemon we'd love to teach you all we know. We also offer a channel for promoting your servers (You have to stay in the server to keep you ad up). We hope you join us and become an Applin today!
We are a smaller discord server based on Sword Shield Pokemon and we do frequent giveaways for shinies and stuff. We are looking for genners and in general snom lovers!
The goal of this server is to create an updated list of known scammers within the Pokémon trading communities on Discord, as well collecting as many Pokémon trading discord servers in one server as a listing. All server owners of partnered trading servers are gathered here to discuss problems in their own servers and warn us of problem users they’ve dealt with on their servers. Server owners do not have to list their server here to join us! It is optional. This is not a trading or Pokémon discussion server; while there is a general chat for you all to speak in, the primary reason we exist is to help people be aware of who to avoid doing trades with. That being said, we will not be moderating trades conducted here and heavily discourage doing so. If you are a server owner and want to join the secret server owners channel, please Join and DM me your server!
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A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
Giveaways, Events and trading!
Gaming, Nintendo, Family, Zelda, Pokemon, Sword, Shield, Animal Crossing, New Horizons, Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem, Heroes, Mario, Kart, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Lifesims, etc
Pokemon themed server, mainly for sword and shield, to raid, trade, and chat.
Sword and Shield Pokemon Generation services! Come find out more!
SwSh Laboratory is a discord server for Pokemon Sword and Shield! We offer: - Weekly tournaments, sometimes with prizes! - Multiplayer chats - Advice chats - Pokecord And much more!