Meme | Community
Hello comrade this is not a server that is like ooo soviet union the best but we do it for the memes aight? we are against furries (we don’t raid them tho) we only spy on them for fun sometimes anyways its just a friendly small server where we talk ;D pls join you wont regret it comrade you can apply for staff by messaging the owner in dms
Role-Playing | Military
Chapter 2 of The Soviet Roleplay has launched! New locations have been added and the server has been revamped! LORE IS CONTROLLED BY THE ROLEPLAYERS!
Gaming | Meme
Gaming server where we play multiple games, R6, Titanfall2, CSGO, Minecraft (We have a server), GTAV, Rust, etc
Writing | Role-Playing
This is up to 300 characters.
Role play showcasing the Soviet military
Education | Beliefs
Server for learning of socialism & marxism leninism. All tendencies & beliefs are welcome.
Social | Community
Tankie HQ, pol pot trump hitler & merkel are libtards.