Role-Playing | Political
Join our server to compete in all sorts of things: Wars, Positions of high power, and even Gulag fights. Join the Soviet Union today! Praise the Union!
Meme | Community
Hello comrade this is not a server that is like ooo soviet union the best but we do it for the memes aight? we are against furries (we don’t raid them tho) we only spy on them for fun sometimes anyways its just a friendly small server where we talk ;D pls join you wont regret it comrade you can apply for staff by messaging the owner in dms
Community | Role-Playing
You can get jobs such as Red Army, KGB, NKVD, Admissions, Communist Party and Politburo. Everyone plays a role in this server, in order to keep the Motherland going strong!
Community | Meme
This discord server is all about russia and memes we have lots of channels we are ati building it and its just me and a friend making a discord server so if you cojld come check us out it would mean alot
Community | Business
a anarcho communist discord server with no rules, and we also give away accounts, roblox exploits, a way to get free robux and money irl for free!
Military | Gaming
ВС Советского Союза is a server dedicated to everything (well, mainly Soviet and Russian) military, from fighter jets to aircraft carriers to tanks and submarines as well as much more. We also do some gaming on games such as War Thunder and World of Tanks.
Community | Growth
The official discord server for the r/ussr subreddit