• Roles for all types of issues and disorders • Events every week • Music, games, SFW and NSFW channels • Venting and support rooms
We are a server dedicated to those who believe they need mental help. We provide those without a home, with one. We have a non-professional volunteer staff team to give you also a listening ear to support you in your time of need. We have: +A friendly and active staff team +Regular events +Lots and lots of bots, like pokecord +Tatsu leveling roles + Private support rooms Wanna make a difference in this world? Come help us help those in need. Don't worry, we have support material to refer to as well.
This is a 13+ chill and fun peer support server (mental health) join! ❤
This is a lgbt-friendly pro-choice space for people who struggle.
Du bist auf dieser Seite des Internets gelandet. Glaub mir, es wäre besser für dich gewesen nach einer wilden Fursuit-Orgie ohne Nieren auf einer Parkbank in Disneyland zu landen und vom gedämpften Stöhnen eines Vergewaltigers im Mickey Maus Kostüm geweckt zu werden. Zu dir, bemitleidenswerter Reisender, spricht Gerta, die fettleibige Administratorin der Hölle, die diesen überhitzten Server mit ihrem Morgenurin kühlt. Nicht einmal Bärtierchen überleben das derartige geistige Vakuum dieses Servers und seiner Bewohner, also sei gewarnt. Vom radioaktiven Autismus, der mit einer Lobrillion Roentgen im #besonderer_channel strahlt, wachsen dir übrigens schrumplige Klöten am Hinterkopf.
Mental Health Support Group
Furvent is a Server for depressed Furries that need a place to vent.
Chill, play games, watch anime together, listen to music ect...
Warning: This is the only mental health server that will hold you up without shooting rainbows and sunshine up your ass. Click the Join Server button.
Friends For Health is a mental health support server focused on sharing our problems with others and making new friends! We support all problems and disorders and LGBTQ+. We have support text and voice channels and members who would love to help you out! We're a brand new server and glad to have new members! We currently feature: 👮 Good Security 📛 Self-Assignable Roles 💬 General and topic chats 🎆 Events to find friends and gain cool rewards ⬆️ A leveling system with rewards based on activity 🆘 Support chats and dedicated supporters 👋 Friendly members and staff With more to come in the future! We hope you can feel safe and find some friends in Friends For Health!
Depression help, anime, mental health, teens, hangout, etc
*Helping Home* is a support server based around helping others. Our goal is to create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome, no matter who they are. We are a place where you are able to be yourself, without any fear of judgement. If you have any questions, ask a @Staff!
We're a mental health/supportive Discord server designed for people to find friends, people to talk to, vent or receive and give support! We have a lot of channels and we're a fresh, new, growing community happy to accept new people into our family! We have pluralkit, friendly staff, an array of roles and emojis and hotlines and more! We hope you join us!
Hey are you looking for somewhere to vent? Are you looking for support and new friends? Are you looking for a active community to help you? Well if any one one these you said yes please don't be afraid to join the server we are here to help but also get help (BRAND NEW) (Don't need staff) (13+)
Welcome BrokenSouls, time to relax isn't it?... We got you bro. Come here and chill with use..
We are a community-based and serious server focused on rehabilitating people with depression or suicidal thoughts and giving general advice in any facet of life. Our staff is dedicated to making you the best person you can be. We have events, other channels, and a community to interact with. Anyone can become a counselor, tutor, or advisor. If you wish to help others and become part of our staff, we are the server for you. In addition, our staff receives training, and help to improve your support skills. Thanks for joining Suicide Support 2.0
We're a small mental health support server. We would love to help you!
A server for anyone who needs a place to be themselves, or have a community where they don't feel pushed down or unwanted.
We focus on helping anyone no matter what the problem in any way we can
My best friend are mannequins