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A new practically empty server for those who feel comfortable in tiny spaces, and looking for answers to questions they don't yet know.
Community | Support
Friends For Health is a mental health support server focused on sharing our problems with others and making new friends! We support all problems and disorders and LGBTQ+. We have support text and voice channels and members who would love to help you out! We're a brand new server and glad to have new members! We currently feature: 👮 Good Security 📛 Self-Assignable Roles 💬 General and topic chats 🎆 Events to find friends and gain cool rewards ⬆️ A leveling system with rewards based on activity 🆘 Support chats and dedicated supporters 👋 Friendly members and staff With more to come in the future! We hope you can feel safe and find some friends in Friends For Health!
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Depression help, anime, mental health, teens, hangout, etc
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My best friend are mannequins
Community | Support
More Than Stigmas is a mental health server with the mission of breaking the stigmas around mental health in a safe community setting. This server is a safe place for those seeking to find friends and support, as well as those wishing to learn more about mental health and educate themselves. What you can find here: ✧ Safe zones and trigger warning zones ✧ Support and moderation teams ✧ Education zone ✧ Self-help resources and challenges ✧ Focus on both mental and physical health ✧ Self-roles for mental illness as well as physical disabilities As well as... ✧ Community ✧ Friends ✧ Cute emotes ✧ Support/validation ✧ Encouragement to work towards getting better For more information on the server, feel free to check the website at Permanent Invite Link:
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The oldest doomer server on discord.
Social | Community
We are a server dedicated to those who believe they need mental help. We provide those without a home, with one. We have a non-professional volunteer staff team to give you also a listening ear to support you in your time of need. We have: +A friendly and active staff team +Regular events +Group therapy! +Tatsu leveling roles + Private support rooms Wanna make a difference in this world? Come help us help those in need. Don't worry, we have support material to refer to as well.
Growth | LGBT
The Bat Colony is a server where you will find support from people that self-harm and can empathize, grow, and get better with you. It's a server where you can rant or just vibe. I created this server because, like me, I know many teens don't have anyone to talk to regarding their mental health or just don't want to burden the people they know with it. In The Bat Colony we will look out for one another and lift each other up. I also think it's worth noting that this server is extremely new and there are almost no members because I literally don't know people. So, it would mean a lot if we could build on this together. I look forward to seeing you there!
Anime | Community
we have mudae bot, pokemon catching, rpg, memes and other stuff for entertainment
Support | Community
We are a community-based and serious server focused on rehabilitating people with depression or suicidal thoughts and giving general advice in any facet of life. Our staff is dedicated to making you the best person you can be. We have events, other channels, and a community to interact with. Anyone can become a counselor, tutor, or advisor. If you wish to help others and become part of our staff, we are the server for you. In addition, our staff receives training, and help to improve your support skills. Thanks for joining Suicide Support 2.0