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𓂃 𓈒𓏸 cupid ❄️ ⊰ active ❄️ ⊰ aesthetic ❄️ ⊰ giveaways ❄️ ⊰ sfw & non toxic Join now for daily giveaways!
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𓂃 𓈒𓏸 cupid ❄️ ⊰ active ❄️ ⊰ aesthetic ❄️ ⊰ giveaways ❄️ ⊰ sfw & non toxic Join now for daily giveaways!
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This server is meant for suicide prevention, coping skills development and peer-to-peer support; focusing PTSD/CPTSD survivors, people with personality and mood disorders, autistic and plural people. We will attempt to help anybody else in a crisis situation as well, but we are less equipped for other situations. We are not licensed professionals, and our methods may not suit for everybody. We welcome people from all backgrounds, and we strongly believe that every life has a purpose.
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We are a community-based and serious server focused on rehabilitating people with depression or suicidal thoughts and giving general advice in any facet of life. Our staff is dedicated to making you the best person you can be. We have events, other channels, and a community to interact with. Anyone can become a counselor, tutor, or advisor. If you wish to help others and become part of our staff, we are the server for you. In addition, our staff receives training, and help to improve your support skills. Thanks for joining Suicide Support 2.0
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we have mudae bot, pokemon catching, rpg, memes and other stuff for entertainment
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Growth | LGBT
The Bat Colony is a server where you will find support from people that self-harm and can empathize, grow, and get better with you. It's a server where you can rant or just vibe. I created this server because, like me, I know many teens don't have anyone to talk to regarding their mental health or just don't want to burden the people they know with it. In The Bat Colony we will look out for one another and lift each other up. I also think it's worth noting that this server is extremely new and there are almost no members because I literally don't know people. So, it would mean a lot if we could build on this together. I look forward to seeing you there!
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We are a server dedicated to those who believe they need mental help. We provide those without a home, with one. We have a non-professional volunteer staff team to give you also a listening ear to support you in your time of need. We have: +A friendly and active staff team +Regular events +Group therapy! +Tatsu leveling roles + Private support rooms Wanna make a difference in this world? Come help us help those in need. Don't worry, we have support material to refer to as well.
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The oldest doomer server on discord.
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My best friend are mannequins
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Depression help, anime, mental health, teens, hangout, etc