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This server almost flows along the Clone Wars Timeline. Darth Maul, after defeating Qui-Gon, goes into hiding. The Jedi order, fearing the rise of the Sith, begins training as warriors. What they did not know was that the rule of Two had been abolished over 200 years ago. For these past few centuries, the self proclaimed Sith Emperor has rebuilt the Old Sith Empire. Building a droid army, this New Sith Empire has been influencing separatist worlds for many years. Staging an execution on Geonosis, the Sith revealed themselves to the Jedi. Responding to this, the Jedi Order established a massive reform. With the help of their Clone Army, the Jedi take over as the leaders of the weakened Republic. Now the Jedi Republic and Sith Empire once again wage war for control over the galaxy. Will you join the Reformed Jedi Order and fight to maintain peace in the galaxy, or will you join the New Sith Empire and fight to dominate over the galaxy?
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Titan Networks is a newly made, still in development Star Wars Imperial Roleplayserver. It is made by yours truly, @titanium#5555 We are in heavy need of commanders, and staff. The following Commander positions are still open as of 4/18/20: Storm Trooper Commander Shock Commander 501st Commander Medic Commander Scout Commander Death Trooper Commander --------------------------------------- Discord - Forums - Steam Group -