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Investing | Financial
Best Discord Trading Server! Our professional traders have a millions of dollars traded and are here to mentor you! Join our community and achieve financial freedom!
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Investing | Financial
Best Discord Trading Server! Our professional traders have a millions of dollars traded and are here to mentor you! Join our community and achieve financial freedom!
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this server collects emojis related to being a child, while also being inclusive! we happily welcome children from systems, age regressors/age dreamers and so on. all we ask is that if you're doing that in an NSFW manner, you not join! ⚠️ for the safety of everyone here, this server doesn't allow anyone who is, or is friendly to identity/label discoursers (truscum, exclusionist, anti-endogenics) or other bigots. these resources aren't for you. ⚠️ "but why can't i join?" check: https://emojis-are-cool.carrd.co/ ⚠️ Note: attempting to start discourse about this is an instant permanent ban
Serenity Falls Icon
Are you looking for a laid-back plural server to chill out in and feel at home? To make friends and interact with systems like yourself? Perhaps, to even find sourcemates or just a quick chat? Well then, Serenity Falls might just be for you! We're a welcoming, all-inclusive server looking for more members to truly help us grow and thrive! So, won't you be our guest? ➛ We Offer: ✨ . Secure verification to keep the server safe! . A non-traumagenic system safeplace! . LGBTQIA+, POC, "contradictory" identities ( Mspec lesbians/gays, lesboys/turiagirls, oriented aroaces, etc ), SFW regressors, non-dysphoric trans folk, neopronouns/xenogenders, and MOGAI inclusive! . Various games and activities to keep you entertained! . PluralKit and Tupperbox! . Various self-assignable roles to customize your bio of how you'd like! . SFW! . Little FriendlyA blacklist and an individual triggerlist to share your own triggers! . A welcoming, understanding, and active staff team! . And, more!
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Community | Social
Welcome to Sgrub! We are a... homestuck server.... alright. Our chats can be a bit chaotic at times, but that just means people are having a good time :] Here are some things we offer as a server: > a welcoming community > PK and tupperbox for systems > system only chats! > level 1 boost > custom reaction roles > game nights > personal channels where you can express yourself > verification system Cons: > hussiebot We really hope to see you soon on our little side of the internet!
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Community | Growth | Social
xTulpas1Channel is a discord for Tulpamancers and Tulpas alike to chat and hang out! Unlike other servers though, we only have 1 channel, and all messages expire 24 hours after posting.
systemz n stuff Icon
LGBT | Community
-«-⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅-»- welcome to systemz n stuff! what are we? - we are a server specifically made for systems of all kinds! new or old, we accept all. what do we have to offer? ♡ nonverbal emojis ♡ plenty of channels ♡ a blacklist ♡ a little space channel ♡ introject media specific channels ♡ channel for non-humans ♡ pluralkit, tupperbox, & proxymaster - we are supportive of the following; -- fictives, factives, and introjects -- yet to be diagnosed systems -- new systems we are NOT supportive of the following; -- pluralgang -- endogenic "systems" -- ableist singlets ____________ join if you feel like it! or not; we won't be going anywhere. -«-⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅-»-
Realm of the Gods Icon
Community | Education
A mythology themed DID/OSDD safe space. This server is a space for systems and singlets to safely interact. You don't need to know anything about mythology! Fair staff who want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe as much as possible <3
Willow Tree Icon
Community | Support
The Willow Tree is a singlet-friendly plural server for all types of plurals, with channels specifically for curious singlets and questioning plurals to assist in the learning process. We have self roles (including color roles), a small channel count to prevent folks from getting overwhelmed, a safe chat for littles and other sensitive system members, a completely PG-13 server with no NSFW section, and a special interactive adventure game curated by the owners themselves! The Willow Tree's shade offers refuge for all, and we look forward to seeing you.
Moon Rose Coven Icon
Beliefs | Social
☾ ??? ???? ???? ????? ☽ The Moon Rose Coven is a witchcraft server-based mainly around community. We are here to welcome all who seek knowledge in the world of Wicca, witchcraft, and paganism! Folklore, spells, herbalism, you name it! We have it all, and are willing to expand our horizons as we gain more and more members! We welcome all ages, races, sexualities, genders, and level of knowledge in these subjects. We're all learners, why not learn this craft together? ~•~ Close to 1,200 Members! ~•~ Welcoming Staff and Community! ~•~ 100+ Roles and Chats! ~•~ A Community Open to All People! ~•~ LGBTQ+ Friendly ~•~ We Offer Classes and Are Excited to Start Events Soon!
? Systems of the Sea ? Icon
Social | Support
This is a server primarily for DID systems, OSDD systems, and questioning systems! This server is hoping to grow to be a safe place for anyone with DID/OSDD. Singlets are allowed to join still as long as they're respectful and well researched! We have: Pluralkit Self assigned roles Voice chat Economy and Music Bots Sociable friendly DID server