Community | Gaming
We try to be a friendly, wholesome, chatty community. We also play siege. We follow strict rules and would like to reach out to more people, since more contacts equal more fun and getting to know each other is our motto.
Community | Hobbies
Within this particular server we aim to keep all the chill and that no stress heads join this server 😉 although there probably be at least 1 of them people joins at some point, we have all game chats to chat with people and friends to play with! Also we will be doing polls and that when we have way more people within this server, we encourage you to join because we will be the best of the best chill discord server in the UK 🇬🇧 through out time 😀. Let's say if you were down like if u were feeling bad or having a bad day etc. We will support you all the way and every day and so on and so fourth. Hope you liked reading this statement. Luke Stebbings
Community | Social
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Community | Meme
zircon is a good but small server, we are trying our best to get members so we hope you join! We have mod applications, selfie channel, giveaways, and more! Stay tuned and have a great day! <3
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello, this is a fan club (kinda) of a youtuber named Sir Sinister! What we like to talk about is miencraft, memes, art, economy, business, music and food! Also the owner is a youtuber so if you want to know what you can do to grow, you can ask him! (No sub for sub)
Social | Community
We are a warm and welcoming server! We have over 400 members! Join today for free!
Social | YouTuber
An active place for people to chat about anything they want, we are looking for active members. The server is based around the Minecraft Youtuber Folli, who does build tutorials.
Community | Social
Everyone is welcome.
Gaming | Community
Gaming, chatting, and chilling is what we do here, and keep it a safe environment for others.
Gaming | Community
A Fortnite server used for looking for Duos Squads Trios Creative or even Just To Chat!!! There is Also Weekly Vbuck Giveaways so if your low on vbucks this is for sure the place to be so come stop by and have fun!!!