Education | Technology
This server is a playground, I am opening this server for testing bots, testing code, experimenting, and hanging out with other developers, so what do you say, come on and join in! And make something filled with tech today! The first person to join gets co-owner! for now there is just bots, so you might have a chance to get co-owner! 🤖
Programming | Bot
Test your Bots here by adding them! This server is called 'Javascript Community' . This server is owned by Fighter For Justice. In here, we help you in your JavaScript problems. We also have a caring and loving community! This server is SFW, profanity and toxic behavior is prohibited! so this server is family-friendly basically. Join us and be a part of the JavaScript community!
Hello! You may be wondering what this server is, and I will tell you! This server is an initiative to test those "Paypal Rewards" servers. If the server turns out to be real, the money will either be donated to charity or be given away on this server! (dependent on votes) If you want to join this initiative, join us!