Emoji | Anime
A server with Animal Crossing Emotes for nitro users to use on other servers.
Emoji | Gaming | Community
Animal Crossing Custom Emojis
Gaming | Community
Hi! This is a fun and chill server to make friends who play animal crossing! Get friend codes, share dodo codes, trade furniture!
Gaming | Community
This Animal Crossing Server is meant to unite players from all over the world. Connect each others and make friendship with other players.
Gaming | Hobbies
just chilling and playing animal crossing
Gaming | Meme
This is a small wholesome server for Animal Crossing fans, but non-players can join too! 🍎 We have trading channels, a channel for tips about the game and even a channel for QR codes. However, we also have many other channels such as a meme channel, music channel and a channel for games outside the Animal Crossing series! 🍎 🍃 This server is for older players aged 20+, however, if you are 19 and almost 20, we will still let you in. 🍃