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This server welcomes Kpop fans and MOA (Tomorrow X Together fans) alike! Discuss songs, members, or just talk to other fans!
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Welcome to ♡ Behind the Scenes ♡ ➳ We hope this friendly BTS server will be a place where you can share your interests with other ARMYs and talk about your favorite K-pop idols. ➳ In case you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask one of the admins! Please be mindful of other members, we're all here to have fun and make friends! ➳ Hope you'll enjoy it here~
A Tomorrow X Together Server Based On Their Song, Magic Island.
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-A place for anyone who likes groups and soloists under BigHit Entertainment to come and be friends! This includes but is not limited to BTS and TXT. -Currently small and brand new, but not completely dead. -Lurkers and fans who are shy are always welcome! -This server is in joint ownership with DAY6cord! https://discord.gg/2ZxTrF5