Community | Music
Memories, chilled, welcoming, fun.
Entertainment | Community
“Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.”
Entertainment | Hobbies
A server for all fans of Power Rangers, including Japanese Sentai too! Come talk shows, Zords, and anything else!
Community | Gaming
A calm and chill hangout, to discuss anything media and entertainment related.
Community | Entertainment
This is the Official Group of My Plex Hosted Servers.
Art | Entertainment
This server is perfect if you just want to chill out and look at vaporwave art or music or come up with ideas or just talk to people or if you like video games or watching tv or movies or talking in the voice channels or just having fun this server is perfect for you.
Entertainment | Anime | Streaming
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the streaming platform
Community | Anime
Focused on the TV show Bee and PuppyCat and cartoons in general
Entertainment | Art
ClapBoards is a Discord server for discussing movies and television. Talk about your favorite movies and shows, get recommendations, and find users with similar interests.
Entertainment | Social
Friendly LEGO Ninjago community!
Gaming | Entertainment
Gaming News, MMO News, TV Show News, Movie News in addition to really nice gaming community!
Community | Social
Diziler , filmler , oyunlar , animeler , kitaplar ve benzeri konular hakkında sohbet ettiğimiz topluluk sunucusu. Basically a geek server. 🤩🎮🎵🎬📺📕🎭
Community | Social
This is a Netflix related discord server, here you can watch movies, talk about them, bing with random person and have fun!
Entertainment | Community
Hello there, Hero! Are you a fan of Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart? Then come on down to Pure Heart's Hero Hangout! Here we have bots, moderation, roles, games, music, voice channels, and more! Just please be sure to read the rules first!
Community | Technology
A film, book, video game, tv show server
Community | Gaming
Hey! this is my floating islands were a community server about different games! Minecraft osu! ect ect. i appreciate you coming here!
Community | LGBT
This is a server focused on the She-Ra canon ship Catradora! You are welcome to join and spread love!
Entertainment | Social
💬 Discuss anything revolving around BBC's young adults/teenager network. 📱 Frequently updating social feeds from Twitter and YouTube 🗄️ Archive of everything BBC3, including programme links 👀 Watch parties, including BBC3 programming 📺 New iPlayer category, allowing notifications of your choice
A server filled with gaming/anime/etc.. Content!
Entertainment | Community
Want To Watch Movies With Friends? Join The Screening Room Discord! +Can Watch Movies 24/7 +Can Chit Chat With Other Watchers, Or Just relax and watch em solo +Options To Watch any Movie On Demand +Over 500+ Titles Released from 1940-2020!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
Gaming | Anime
سيرفر عربي حق جيل الطيبين
Gaming | Anime
Gaming | Meme
A welcoming server all types of people (especially you weirdos)
Entertainment | Social
Welcome to the Nickelodeon Squad! This is a chill and simple server for discussing about Nickelodeon shows UwU.
Gaming | Community
Looking for somewhere to chill? Maybe watch some movies or play some games. Then this is the right place to be.
Community | Technology
Social | Art
For people who like movies. We will have weekly movie nights and discussions about television shows and other such things at some point. We hope to make a chill community of relaxed Currently we are pretty small but hopefully, soon we'll be a lot bigger.
Social | Meme
A new and friendly server to chill out and vibe with friends. Talk about gaming, memes, anime, etc.
Community | Gaming
Come join Multiverse Ultimate (16+ only) where we are discovering new universes every day. We talk about all our favorite topics like movies, TV shows, games or just random topics. We have some fun games, self-role assignments and much more.
Hobbies | Community
If you Remember Fox Kids and Jetix, well, this it's the server for you. Come in and chat with us! =)
Hobbies | Anime
Vem participar do chat mais legal de Tokusatsu da internet! Aqui temos atualizações, links, notícias e novidades dos seus Tokusatsu favoritos!
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Metro Retro! This is a small Community Server where you can talk about all things gaming, anime, TV, music new and old! We are expanding everyday, adding new channels and economies!
Entertainment | Social
We are a big community/fandom based on the DC Universe. Discussions ranging from, roleplay, fan fiction, rants, theories, and much more! Get updates about the DCU!
Entertainment | Community
Join the Oceanic Flight 815 Discord Server! A chill and tiny server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
Community | Entertainment
My Server Has Many Topics including Video Games, Movies and TV, History, Music (with a separate channel for Beatles fans), memes, and more. If anyone joins, Thank you!, Please read the rules when you join there is not many. 110+ people so far