🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
A relaxed community for both LGBT+ and allies with a variety of topics such as gaming, music, youtube, politics, and art.
“Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.”
💬 Discuss anything revolving around BBC's young adults/teenager network. 📱 Frequently updating social feeds from Twitter and YouTube 🗄️ Archive of everything BBC3, including programme links 👀 Watch parties, including BBC3 programming 📺 New iPlayer category, allowing notifications of your choice
A server for all fans of Power Rangers, including Japanese Sentai too! Come talk shows, Zords, and anything else!
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
This is the Official Group of My Plex Hosted Servers.
The #1 community for The Last Kingdom, a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories" series of novels.
Sports-based server for fans of any sport. Server also hosts discussions of various other topics such as music, politics, TV/movies, and everything else.
A server filled with gaming/anime/etc.. Content!
Want To Watch Movies With Friends? Join The Screening Room Discord! +Can Watch Movies 24/7 +Can Chit Chat With Other Watchers, Or Just relax and watch em solo +Options To Watch any Movie On Demand +Over 500+ Titles Released from 1940-2020!
Hey Captain, welcome to the murder! _______________________ Join The 99's Fourth Floor Discord Server! We have self-assignable roles based on the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine, custom emojis taken from iconic moments of the show and leveled roles for those of you who enjoy a challenge! Plus, we often have an array of cool events for you to enjoy, plenty of bots to have fun with and more!
Over 10,000 Live TV Channels Custom APK M3U & EPG PPV (ESPN, UFC, ETC) FREE TRIALS (Try it 100% FREE) NO DODGY WEBSITE NO WAITING FOR TICKETS/EMAILS NO PERSONAL INFO REQUIRED NO AUTO-RENEW / CONTRACT (っ◔◡◔)っPACKAGES We have 4 packages to choose from since everyone has different viewing habits and needs. Basic, Premier, Elite & Go Ape! Feel free to grab a FREE trial of any package. Cut the cord, Join us on Discord
. . . welcome to‏‏‎「 supernatural 」 ❛ ᨳ ꒱ ミ who we are :: ❜ a fan-based server revolving around CWs' Supernatural we support and welcome everyone find your family here! ⸝⸝ : hiring staff! ❛ ᨳ ꒱ ミ what we offer :: ❜ ꒰🏹ɞ fun roles ꒰🐝 ɞ events + bots ꒰🔪 ɞ a loving, fun, sfw community ꒰🥀 ɞ lots of channels + daily activities — ଘ yahtzee ! ⋆.⊹°. ♡
Not a hentai server. Legitimately just adults who enjoy anime/manga. Weebs allowed.
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
a small group of people, who enjoy watching movies and TV shows, we host weekly movie nights and would like new blood to diversify our selections.
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Gamers, Geeks, and Nerds is a laid back and super friendly community of people who consider themselves a geek or nerd. We love to chat about that one subject which we can geek out to or show how much of a nerd we are. We love to chat about technology, anime, gaming, science, movies and TV shows, or whatever else we consider ourselves a geek or nerd about. We also host game servers for our members to play on, such as Minecraft, watch movies together, or just have a casual conversation in the voice channels as we all play different games. It's up to you.
A welcoming server all types of people (especially you weirdos)
Welcome to the Nickelodeon Squad! This is a chill and simple server for discussing about Nickelodeon shows UwU.
Looking for somewhere to chill? Maybe watch some movies or play some games. Then this is the right place to be.
we doing alot of giveaways for free and we have alot of staff 100% real
Dr. Katz's Office is a server with two main purposes. We aim to provide a place for struggling mental health and people with addiction issues to gather, vent and discuss what they're going through. Our second purpose is to provide a place for general discussion, a focus on sharing and discussing movies, tv, music and more. We have specific roles setup so that anyone who wants to join only for the movies and general discussion is free to do so. You will not see any of the struggler channels. Likewise if you want to join and only have access to the mental health and/or addict sections, you can do so. Bringing drama to our neutral, fun focused channels will not be tolerated. We have multiple users who regularly stream movies, tv and more for anyone to join and enjoy. If you stream movies and the like, feel free to share your streams on our server to potentially build your audience. Read the rules and be mindful. We're very excited to finally go public.
For people who like movies. We will have weekly movie nights and discussions about television shows and other such things at some point. We hope to make a chill community of relaxed Currently we are pretty small but hopefully, soon we'll be a lot bigger.
Активный сервер собирающий общество с различных русскоязычных сайтов по аниме/кино/сериалов/игр/музыки и т.д. Сервер имеет много эмоутов, разных каналов, ботов для развлечений и просто приятное общение.