Community | Gaming
Active vc text chill community gaming models snap chat instagram twitter reddit 4chan hot girls and guys league fortnite overwatch csgo server sfw (no nsfw) growing server
Art | LGBT
Artist time.
Community | Gaming
Your wish is my command, ask me anything.
Community | Music
the official /r/grimes discord ! we'd love you to join ♡
Gaming | Growth
Need viewers/ followers and more communication in your chat while streaming ?? Join our community Supportive | Friendly | Togetherness 👊🏻
Community | Gaming
Der Community-Discord von No Name Pro auf YouTube und Twitter Rund um Minecraft und mehr!
YouTuber | Social
This is the type of place where you can just come and hang out with your buddies, look at memes with your friends.
Community | Gaming
Hey there! This server is for people who play, who just wanna chat and its pretty chill in here. You can talk to your friends, you don't have to worry about people hating on you because the mods will deal with them. You can not spam here because there is a cooldown in almost all channels. The "rules" channel is pretty unique in my opinion go check it out! Also if you join my discord server don't forget to invite your friends to have fun together! Keep in mind this is a server not just for gaming but for people who just want to chat a little bit with other members of the server. If you join you can leave me a feedback in DM or in one of the channels called "discord-feedback". There is a phone verification on my server so trolls can not enter. In my opinion this is one of the unique servers with a lot of room to talk with other people and become friends with, this also looks professional you can make the difference between a text channel and a voice channel since I use another font.
Art | Crypto
Cypherchthonic is a phygital art movement that introduces and educates the crypto/blockchain space to artists. Leveling the playing field of power and going around barriers greedy oppressors have laid out in both the art industry and banking industry. As artists move into the next industrial revolution, "the information age". There are a few power structures that won't be as powerful as they are today, it's inevitable. We are very early to the game.
Entertainment | Social
💬 Discuss anything revolving around BBC's young adults/teenager network. 📱 Frequently updating social feeds from Twitter and YouTube 🗄️ Archive of everything BBC3, including programme links 👀 Watch parties, including BBC3 programming 📺 New iPlayer category, allowing notifications of your choice
Gaming | YouTuber
This server is for COC players only, if you are not a COC player please do not join.
Community | Growth
Advertise your content for free at Creation Central, where we look upon all creations and creators. Here we offer an easy way to gain views, followers, subscribers, fans, and members!
Gaming | Anime
Laid-back gaming and media community. Official server for the Digital Blackface Podcast.
Streaming | YouTuber
Servidor de EwwSalad Team
Gaming | Social
Community Discord for the Twitch affiliate KuhjaKnight. All discussions are allowed and encouraged. Open to anyone!
Gaming | Mature
Zkag is a place where you can meet new people, find games for your liking, And just have fun. We'd love you to join!
Art | Design
The Infringirino Lounge for ManGamer types
Art | YouTuber
All the GFX here! Join now and get your banner :)
Gaming | Community
Have fun, talk, and play games with people, don’t hesitate to join us!
Gaming | Streaming
Streamer friendly! Self-Promo welcome! sub4sub f4f.
Art | Streaming
16+ SFW server this server is here to help you with your Streaming, Social media and Video making! We are friendly and don't Judge. we just wanna chill and hang
Art | Community
Homophobic and racist server, We hate the gays and blacks, Only white straight people allowed. We offer free conversion therapy 24/7
Music | YouTuber
Guten Tag/Abend, werte Damen und Herren, wir von Yalistic Trap möchten uns bei Ihnen vorstellen, erklären wer wir sind und was wir sind. Wir von Yalistic Trap sind ein Privater Streamingdienst für Groß&Klein, egal ob Pop, Chill oder Bass, denn bei uns gibt es alles rund um die Musik. Wir laden stetig Songs hoch die Sie alle auf unserer Website als Download zu Verfügung gestellt bekommen. Wir möchten natürlich nicht allein bestimmen und bieten Ihnen deshalb an, eigene Vorschläge für neue Songs uns zukommen zu lassen. Was bieten wir Ihnen? • Einen gut strukturierten Discord • Einen freundlichen Support • Communityeinbindungen • Neue Partnerschaften • Verschiedenste Genre • Eine Website mit allen Informationen • Eine Möglichkeit über unsere Website die hochgeladenen Songs kostenlos zu Downloaden • Und noch vieles mehr... Mit freundlichen Grüßen Team von Yalistic Trap
Community | Education
A safe and fun environment to share, learn and make new friends in.
Political | Community
A discord server only for Libertarians
Gaming | Streaming
(Nederlands / Dutch / Vlaams ) -Promoten van je : Twitch, Instagram, Stream, Games, YouTube, Twitter - F4F, follow for follow
new server no many people.
Growth | Investing
Buy and sell Instagram accounts on this discord server! Have an Instagram account you don’t use or want to sell? Or want to see how much your account is worth? If so then join my server! Learn the market and start to make money by buying and selling Instagram accounts Also sell other services you have to offer by earning the Trader role! Start your side hustle flipping Instagram pages today!
Social | Meme
It's a place where silly kiddos can hang and share memes, discuss things, and yeah. Make friends.
Gaming | Programming
Official server of YouTuber/Twitch streamer, Praxand
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to Shea2ube's Server!!! Here you can talk in Voice Channels, Text Channels and make new friends. 𝙍𝙐𝙇𝙀𝙎 1.) No Harrasing or Bullying in form 2.) No self promoting outside of #promote-your-stuff🤑 3.) Do Not Spam 4.) Do Not Send Nudity or any form of it 5.) Do Not Send any of yours or others personal information 6.) Please Respect the Owner and Mods of the Server 7.) Lastly Have FUN!!! 𝙎𝙊𝘾𝙄𝘼𝙇𝙎 ☛​̳𝙎​̳𝙝​̳𝙚​̳𝙖​̳'​̳𝙨​̳ ​̳𝙎​̳𝙤​̳𝙘​̳𝙞​̳𝙖​̳𝙡​̳𝙨 ̳☚ Youtube: Twitch: Twitter:
Art | Community
Art server community
Gaming | eSports
a card game coming late 20/20
Bot | Music
🎮 Игровая тематика сервера. 👑 Имеется система ролей и уровней. 🎭 Присутствует множество различных ботов, а именно: 🎶 Музыкальные боты работающие 24\7: ◾ Relax. ◾ Chill. ◾ Pop. ◾ Dance. ◾ Trap. 📣 Оповещающие боты: ◾ Раздачи игр для Steam, Uplay, Origin и т.п., ◾ Новинки фильмов. ◾ Выходы новых серий сериалов. ◾ Прочие развлекательные и информационные видео. ◾ Новости киберспорта и игр. ◾ HSFV и т.д. 🔥 Всё более подробно можете увидеть на самом сервере.
Crypto | Financial
Welcome to all walks of life as long as the rules are followed. Intentions of having a good time and having thought provoking discussions. Not necessarily everything about crypto but definitely an integral part of future discussions and of the server. Scammers/Advertisers no trespassing. Automatic crypto charting bot and 5+ important channel relays. Looking forward to meeting new friends and talking about bitcoin/philosophy.
Community | Entertainment
The server started off as a community for our community on Instagram in which we post tweets from youtubers/streamers