Gaming | Social
Servidor dedicado ao jogo Among Us. Entre para jogar com seus amigos e conhecer novas pessoas!
Gaming | Social
A dedicated Among Us server with thousands of players to play with!
Gaming | Entertainment
Just a Among Us server trying to become a huge family! This server includes: Chatting with friends/mods. Memes for all the memers. Custom Among Us emojis! Voice chat for any gaming needs!
Gaming | Community
MedBay is an ACTIVE upcoming Among Us discord server! If you love among us and are looking for people to play with, MedBay is just for you!
Gaming | Community
Among Us Randys is a welcoming server for all ages to meet others that play Among Us! We are a rapidly growing community with active voice channels, friendly mods, and an emphasis on maintaining a positive environment for all players!
Community | Political
The Politics Channel is a new discord community devoted to light-hearted political discussion and shitposting. The server has multiple chats for discussing political and social issues from various areas of the world including the US, UK, North America, Europe and Asia.
Gaming | Tabletop
La Confrérie👥 est un serveur discord communautaire Among Us Français de 50K personnes ! 👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡
Gaming | Tabletop
La Confrérie👥 est un serveur discord communautaire Among Us Français de 50K personnes ! 👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡
Role-Playing | Gaming
Its a Roblox RP Group based on Police Officers, Stations, and Roleplay.
Community | Entertainment
Political | Business
The byzantine garden is a small politics and economics server We offer 🤖 a custom (albeit underdevelopment) bot 🎣 webhooks brings the latest news directly to our server ⚖️ a fair staff working to keep our server safe from toxicity ❓questions of the day to spark debate 👨‍👩‍👧 a community that despite being small is still nice and welcoming Our server might be small but it’s growing and its staff are working hard to make this one of the best politics servers you can join So please stop by
Gaming | Community
Gaming, Chatting, that's about it.
Gaming | YouTuber
GlitzMC is a competitive PvP Minecraft server for game versions 1.7.x and above..
Role-Playing | Writing
This is a roleplay about an organization created solely to hunt down a new mutation in humans, one which grants them superhuman abilities. Which side will you take, the side of the scared mutants, or the side of the powerful organization hunting them down? It's your story, after all, so you choose!
Entertainment | Community
mature place ig
Community | Meme
We're a pretty laid back community. we have a little bit of everything, gamers, nerds, geeks, you name it, we got it. EU & US members, We occasionally do movie and trivia nights. Colors and roles are individual, just ask
Gaming | Social
Public Moder, RUS/EU
Meme | Entertainment
Aboriginal fan club
Community | Gaming
WoW20 is a WoW community organizing fun, epic and original events in World of Warcraft! 😀 ▶️
This server is for gaming and talking about other things.
Gaming | Technology