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Ahoj, tohle je neoficiální discord server ze stránky Lamer.CZ budu rád když se připojíš aby ses s námi mohl smát ;)
Community | Gaming
WoW20 is a WoW community organizing fun, epic and original events in World of Warcraft! 😀 ▶️
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Aboriginal fan club
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Public Moder, RUS/EU
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mature place ig
Role-Playing | Writing
This is a roleplay about an organization created solely to hunt down a new mutation in humans, one which grants them superhuman abilities. Which side will you take, the side of the scared mutants, or the side of the powerful organization hunting them down? It's your story, after all, so you choose!
Political | Business
The byzantine garden is a small politics and economics server We offer 🤖 a custom (albeit underdevelopment) bot 🎣 webhooks brings the latest news directly to our server ⚖️ a fair staff working to keep our server safe from toxicity ❓questions of the day to spark debate 👨‍👩‍👧 a community that despite being small is still nice and welcoming Our server might be small but it’s growing and its staff are working hard to make this one of the best politics servers you can join So please stop by
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Its a Roblox RP Group based on Police Officers, Stations, and Roleplay.
Gaming | Tabletop
La Confrérie👥 est un serveur discord communautaire Among Us Français de 50K personnes ! 👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡
Gaming | Tabletop
La Confrérie👥 est un serveur discord communautaire Among Us Français de 50K personnes ! 👉 Qu’est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins nous ➡
Community | Political
The Politics Channel is a new discord community devoted to light-hearted political discussion and shitposting. The server has multiple chats for discussing political and social issues from various areas of the world including the US, UK, North America, Europe and Asia.
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Among Us Randys is a welcoming server for all ages to meet others that play Among Us! We are a rapidly growing community with active voice channels, friendly mods, and an emphasis on maintaining a positive environment for all players!
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MedBay is an ACTIVE upcoming Among Us discord server! If you love among us and are looking for people to play with, MedBay is just for you!
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Servidor focado em Among Us e entreterimento.
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Welcome to the Among us Discord Server! Among us is a free to play murder mystery game: join here to play Among us with other players!
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Among Us based server to find people to play with. Many active voice channels. Extremely Active Staff/Support.
Gaming | Streaming
Sejam bem vindos à mais recente comunidade de Among Us Portugal, aqui podes encontrar pessoas constantemente com quem jogar, e talvez fazer novos amigos.
Political | Social
A server to discuss politics. Specifically focused on UK and US politics.
Community | Gaming | Entertainment
ღ・uk based but everyone is welcome ღ・ cute + aes layout ღ・regular + fun giveaways ღ・reaction, colour and level roles ღ・over 100 emotes ღ・hiring pm's ! ✧ ♡——————————- ♡  ——————————-✧ ♡
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🎮 __***Among Us - FRANCE !***__ 🇫🇷 Plusieurs salons vocaux à disposition pour accueillir vos parties, vous pouvez même créer votre propre salon vocal temporaire ! Recherchez facilement de nouveaux joueurs et amusez-vous sur ce jeu exceptionnel ! Trouves qui est **l'imposteur**, ou bien tu es imposteur dans ce cas élimine le **maximum** de joueurs en toute discrétion 😁 *Serveur épuré et bien organisé, nous utilisions des rôles de notifications pour plus de tranquillitée* ``Le serveur :``
Gaming | Social
Looking for a discord server to play with? 21+, NA based Among Us discord for adults who want to play in a lighter and respectful environment: Our most active hours are around 7-12 PM PST, but early risers and other time zone dwellers are more than welcome We have an AutoMute bot, proximity chat, and other games as well such as, secret hitler, phasmophobia, etc (please note that if you are under 21 you will be asked to leave)
Entertainment | Gaming
Find people to play among us proximity chat or normal among us with vc/chat, We also have an off-topic channel and a custom bot!
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A dedicated Among Us server with thousands of players to play with! We have a very large community of players therefore you will always have someone to play with!
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Servidor brasileiro de Among Us com moderação forte para ser o ambiente menos tóxico de todos! Venha participar da nossa comunidade para a melhor experiência de Among Us possível!