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NA Valorant server looking to help people find squads. We have a very skilled community. if you want to play a be part of a squad join us!!!
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Valoranty Community for EU and NA
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An Upcoming Valorant team Join for a chance to join our team and to talk with other Valorant players!
A community of passionate Valorant players!
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This is a Valorant LFG server by Solar Network to find others to play with, teams to join and talk to our great community.
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Welcome To Valorant EUW Community! where our aim is to offer you players with a similar rank, that speak the same language. We want to improve your overall Valorant experience by making the search for team mates much easier!
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Valorant discord with players all across the Europe. We are hosting tournaments. You can find highly skilled teammates and improve your gameplay with our advices.
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News source and LFG system for Valorant Discord users.
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Valorant Worldwide is a Valorant focused discord server made for Valorant players from all around the globe.