Social | Role-Playing
Hello, and welcome to The Vault we are a fallout based, roleplay server that provides a secure and nice vault to all of our occupants. Either stay in the vault and work your way up as a vault dweller. Or go into the wasteland and do expeditions and competitions and risky your life for big rewards.
Entertainment | Meme
| | | MEME VAULT™️: COLLECTORS EDITION | | | Welcome to the MEME VAULT™️! This server is a collection of memes (will still be available after March 31st 2021, unlike Mario 3D All Stars), you can submit memes to the collection if you want, or just browse and download everyone’s memes, after all, that’s what they were posted for! You can also react to your favorite memes with a star, for a chance of them being featured on the community favorites channel!