Melokei Official™️ is a Discord server for Visual Kei enthusiasts, collectors and more. Our main focus is early 90's/2000's VK, but has its interests in all eras and styles. Talk about your favorite bands, such as: DIR EN GREY, the GazettE, X JAPAN, MALICE MIZER, Versailles, MUCC, BUCK-TICK or perhaps more obscure bands. Why join? - Visual Kei-oriented, VK is the focus point of the server - Specific discussion channels for Music/artwork/fashion/artists/events and more! - Friendly and active community, share your interests with others - Laid-back server without strict rules, you are free to be yourself here - 24/7 Radio stations - Visual Kei news feed - Organized and clean server design - Specific VK Roles to express your interests