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Join this new wager cord! We had 7k members but got deleted. 10,000 members in 40 days. They pay to invite! Ticket System! Pros/Content Creators.
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Welcome to Arctic Wager We try our best to limit the scammers. Wager against of our trusted members for guaranteed legit wagers. We provide legit wagers, tournaments, giveaways and much more! Also partnered with rematch :slight_smile:
This is a Fortnite Wager Server with all regions. Also, there are many giveaways. It's not just wagers there is also non wagers for practice.
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🏆 Join! This New Wager Cord! 🏆 Trusted Wager Roles! 🏆 Experienced/PAID Staff Team! 🏆 Ticket System! 🏆 Pros/Content Creators! No Scamming Allowed!!!!!
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Fun place where you can wager others scam free me and my staff plan on working on this server everyday to make it better and better feel free to check it out
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Daily Rocket League Wager Tournaments! All Ranks Welcomed! Trading Section Also Available! Join And Win Some Tournaments
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Hello, We are Unvoke Creative. We are a fortnite based boxfighting, zone wars, customs, tournaments, and more. We have *AUTOMATED* Boxfights and a fun community. Join up and play a few games!
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OVK Creative We offer: - Community - Find wagers easily - Upcoming & Growing Server - Custom Bot [Beta] We Need: - Community - Managers - Helpers - Chat Mods DM Me For More Information
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Literally the best server ever
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Call of Duty! Very active! Recruiting!
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The Best Public Wager Cord For Scam Free Wagers!
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This server is the most legit and everyone it pays up make sure to join and please be legit.
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Best Server for Customs and Wagers with 1500+ Members and 24/7 ACTIVE Mods!!! DM FOR INVITE!!! Eng Esp and Deu!!
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Wager Cord is an up and coming Discord server that hosts many fortnite wagers like boxfights, zonewars, build fights, and many more. Join an ever-growing community of grinders and have a safe place to wager and make money!