Gaming | Community
We are a growing community of players, and we have members from all over the world. Our main focus is on War Thunder, but we also play other games, such as World of Warships, Sea of Thieves, Elite Dangerous and many others. Our server is a nice place where you can relax and talk with other people, play some games together and, sometimes, also take part in small events (once or twice a month, usually); we're part of the NSFWT squadron, but it's not compulsory to apply if you want to be in the server. That's all, feel free to join, we'd be very happy to see you guys there! And... Free pizza for everyone, of course!
Gaming | Community | Meme
A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder! We play War Thunder, and we grind together as a community! Non-NSFW server, with great music, giveaways, bots, memes, and more!
Community | Gaming
The Library Of Alexandria is a brand new, super fresh community server based around memes and chill members. All of our staff is active, we have game roles and plenty of places for you and your friends to talk and have fun. If you have any questions, please give @Panzer #9328 a shout!
Gaming | YouTuber
⭐🕹️The place where you can make friends and play games with others from all around the globe! 🕹️⭐
Gaming | Military
We at AWL (short for Absent without Leave) are building a squadron of tankers and pilots to participate in all types of battles in War Thunder. Our playstyle is mainly focused on Tanks and Air RB, as well as Squadron battles. We aim to climb the ladder of the Squadron rankings to the top!
Gaming | Streaming
Discordserver der Ente und =1EPB= Clanserver
Clan BR Devils
Gaming | Hobbies
The Archer Sucks! This server is a War Thunder group, if you play WarThunder or similar games then come have a fun time! we also host warthunder games
Social | Community
Technology | Community
Welcome to Aviators Anonymous! Aviators Anonymous is a new and awesome server built for aviation enthusiasts, real world pilots, flight simulator pilots, and even aviation historians. We welcome all people here no matter your level of knowledge. We are dedicated to providing the best, most professional, and non-toxic environment for all aviation enthusiasts alike. We hope you enjoy our server.
Gaming | Military
A place for War Thunder players to hang out. We do customs etc, drop by and talk, we'll be glad to have you.
Gaming | Streaming
A friendly gaming server welcoming anyone. Home of the Legendary YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and also DLive streamer "matthew36829". Plz clap
Gaming | Hobbies
A server part of my Kimmunity where a variety of different games are spoken of great if your looking for new gamers to play with.
Gaming | Anime
General gaming server that started with a focus on Dark Souls, but there are many other games we play around here, like Smash, For Honor, Minecraft, you name it. We also have an anime chat cuz we like that too.
Gaming | Military
Join War and Order today if you like War Thunder! This is a nation based server where you join a country and then battle it out on War Thunder if there is a war on between two nations! Join today!
Gaming | Anime
Chill community meant for gaming and other such related things. Join us!
Role-Playing | Gaming
Girls und Panzer Sensha-Do Sunrise! Our project is focusing on creating user-friendly international server that centers around Girls und Panzer universe. In here you can find roleplaying elements with all the schools included in the anime and manga alike. In the future as community will grow we planning to add support and events for various games: - War Thunder - World of Tanks - Battlefield series - Call of Duty series - Hearts of Iron IV Also we like to read, learn and share our knowledge about military throughout history, modern and world war alike. Roleplay here as your favourite character or create your own unique original character and attend to school of your choosing. We accept all the people, the only thing we ask in return is to follow the rules of the server. And most importantly: Enjoy your stay!
Gaming | Military
War thunder star citizen world of tanks world of warships star citizen world of Warcraft
Gaming | Community
War Thunder server run by a community, not a huge YouTuber or company. For the people, by the people, Eagle!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Отряд по игре Arma 3. Основан 2.09.2013 бойцами играющими одним составом на проекте "Воскресные игры" в далёкой alpha версии Arma 3. Взрослый, дружный коллектив 20+ Участвуем в TvT проекте: "Red Bear" .
Anime | Social
We are a community of Azur Lane fans who've grouped together to discuss history, gaming, naval, and aviation. We want all people who are interested in naval aviation to join and be a part of us.
Gaming | Community
We want to build an active community that will engage not just with each other. Currently, we hope to get more active members to make things that way and create a large community for wargaming players.
Gaming | eSports
gaming server
Gaming | LGBT
Welcome! We are a new League of Legends discord open to all League players of all skill levels! We welcome NA here so feel free to join! Neeko is best girl btw! Also LGBTQ are welcomed here! We also have War Thunder and RuneScape (RS3) here!!
Gaming | Meme
Gaming Chat War Thunder Minecraft Star Wars Squadrons Star Wars Battlefront 2 Memes
Community | Gaming
This is a community that provides a faction choosing for wars and raids. We also provide a chill nice discord where you also can normaly play with random people.
Community | Gaming
A small community-based Discord dedicated to gaming. The main game that the server focuses on is War Thunder but we welcome everyone. We aim to do huge custom battles and customs games. We also aim to make a squadron in the near future.
Social | Role-Playing
Valestreal is a nation like community designed for everyone as a Safe, Fun, Friendly, and Inviting place to socialize and enjoy playing games together. We have a dedicated group of RP'ers who are welcoming to any new face, Moderated by a dedicated staff team here to make sure your time in Valestreal is a safe and happy one, to ensure the future environment of a growing community! 🧡 | SFW 💛 | LGBTQ+ friendly 💚 | Active Roleplays 💙 | Fun Leveling 💜 | Minecraft RP Server with VR & Xbox support coming April 2021! ⭐ | Exclusive Events, Competitions, & Giveaways! We also take part in War Thunder tournaments and play a wide range of other games including the most important one of all, Star Citizen where we look to recreate the world of James Camerons Avatar with our own tribe of Valestreal. We hope you join our server as we’re looking forward to welcoming you when you do! ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬