NITRO GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW! Looking to join a brand new community that you can grow with? Look no further than The Gutter! We have the most chill members that welcome anyone to come and hangout. Smoke weed? We do to! Come roll one up with us sometime! You might meet a new life-long friend. » Monthly Nitro and Game giveaways! » Stoner Friendly » Looking For Staff Need Partner Managers! Join the server and DM @Trey#1749 if you're interested!
Enjoy a chill server filled with dank memes, weed, and fire music! Come smoke with us!
basically a meme server and social server. stoners welcome ; )
Gamming Weed Chill
We smoke, drink, watch movies, play games and just relax together! Come join us :) We have active VC's and an extremely active Whereby. Verified Mail order Marijuana
plz come play games with us
Die großen Themen dieses Servers sind: - Cannabis/Drogen + Legalisierung - Feminismus - Veganismus - Philosophie - Kunst
Chilliger Stoner Discord
Drugs Community (18+) is a platform for open-minded and non-judgemental discussion about all drugs and drug use with a focus on harm reduction.
A new place to chill, obviously we welcome those lookin for a high time, but all are welcome
Do you smoke weed? Do you game? Well either one will do, both would be better but hey. Join for a gaming community looking to play and smoke. There are weed smoking chats as well as game specific chats waiting for you. What are you waiting for!?
A Fun Lighthearted place to smoke up, chat, and chill with like-minded stoners