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We do Customs every Sunday night on Windows 10. It's free. Join us!
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A server for all tech fans alike!
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Hello Everyone welcome to MountianSide ark! We are the new rising Ark cluster Server. Currently We have 2 maps center and Valg. But your asking why should I join your discord server? Well For multiple reasons: 1: News and Updates 2: Stats 3: Active Events 4: Acvtive Comunity and Staff
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We are a friendly PVE server started up in May 2020. We currently run 2 servers in our cluster, Ragnarok and Valguero. This started out as a friends-only server, where we wanted to set our own settings - some servers offer next to no challenge in PVE, like insta levels and ridiculous weight stats. Some of our server settings are: • x5 XP • x4 Taming (with modified wild dino food drain) • x2 Stacking (some unstackables now stackable: prime meats, dino poop, etc.) • x50 Hatching & Maturation • Kibble in ringed drops • Tribe friendly fire • Tribe wars (for those who want to PVP)