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A server dedicated to Vampire the Masquerade and the Classic World of Darkness at large! We have general chat, lore-specific chat, we share memes and talk about culture! Player chat for people playing the tabletop, ST-chat for people looking for advice on how to run their game, or even start their very own tabletop campaign! We have a dedicated RP community with rules and guidance on how to construct a sheet and join with committed Storytellers! A LFG section for people to post their actively-looking games, as well as find other people interested in creating a new one. We're open to anyone and everyone with an interest in the World of Darkness, whether you're the grizzled Demon the Fallen expert, or you've just caught the Bloodlines 2 promos and looking to vibe.
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This is Arizona's Tabletop gaming LFG server. The Arizona Role Player's Discord channel connects people throughout the state for tabletop RPG games like D&D, FATE, WoD, and others plus boardgames and LARP. Meet online, play in person or in our video chat. Connect with local board game and TTRPG game stores, find information about upcoming gaming events and connect with a community of Arizona gaming enthusiasts.
Tabletop | Role-Playing
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Welcome To Cardiff By Night! >Server itself is known as Creation< This server is expected to slowly grow over time and progress into a fully fledged casual roleplay area for those who are interested in playing in a Cardiff by Night setting and meeting those with similar interests. The server is almost entirely player driven with the occasional plot points that the STs pull out for the community. We welcome new and old players as well for those who are interested but unsure. We are also currently understaffed and are looking for those who have expertise and are potentially looking to get more STs and other moderators in. Our System partakes in the following: Mechanics and books: V20 (4th Edition) → Revised (3rd Edition) → 2nd Edition → 1st Edition. We Are: LGBT Friendly Contains Some NSFW due to the nature of WoD Meme Rooms New Player Friendly