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Sports | Entertainment | Community
You can learn how our experts turned $20 into $1k in 10 days by joining now! We are a sports betting community full of avid sports fans and bettors -- just like yourself! Hop into our server and start dominating your bets today!
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Sports | Entertainment | Community
You can learn how our experts turned $20 into $1k in 10 days by joining now! We are a sports betting community full of avid sports fans and bettors -- just like yourself! Hop into our server and start dominating your bets today!
Ravens Hollow Icon
Community | Art
For writers, artists and gamers. Come form a community with us and share you creations ^^ Share your stories, artwork or just come game with friends. Keep to Disocrd TOS and make friend. Stay creative ^^
Modern Marvels | Marvel Roleplay Icon
Role-Playing | Social
✮ Heroes. Fantastic feats. Legends in the making. Modern Marvels. ✮ ¦ Modern Marvels is an 18+, literate, and LGBT-friendly roleplay server in the 616 continuity! ¦ ¦ We are open to both canon characters and OCs, and we can't wait to see the way your characters interact with and change the world! ¦ ¦ Our community has features such as: ¦ ➤ in-character group chats ➤ diverse locations and inclusive events, both mod and member-created! ➤ non-strict character interpretation ➤ a most-wanted villains database, as well as a hero highlights channel! ➤ frequent news broadcasts about events in the world from our favorite mustachioed menace, JJJ! ➤ an active and narrative-minded community! What is your place in this vast world of heroes and villains? Whatever you choose, we look forward to seeing the stories you make.
Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP Small Banner
Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP Icon
Role-Playing | Writing | Entertainment
On this server, you will find a fantasy RP that fixes its attention on large events like battles and raids during the week ends, with intervals of rest during the week days for character development. The world of Ainerth is ever changing, the general state of things being decided by the RPers.
Cannon Fodder Icon
Role-Playing | Military
WELCOME TO PACIFISTROKIA! --- In this (nihilistic, 16-bit) video game world, the PAF military's enlistment call to all (brave enough) potential OC and canon recruits, to assemble for national festivities aplenty: - ...Meet your teammates (intellectually copyrighted, even) - ...Sightseeing tours (all tax-deductible) - ...'Greet' El Presidente's entourage (who'll oblige inhospitality) - ...And more! ...Yet, remember: There's substitutes (replacements, if euphemistic) for lives, but NONE for effort!
Potato's Art Dungeon Icon
Art | Community
A server for sharing and critiquing art, writing, and cosplay. All other art forms are welcome! Community is active, friendly, and helpful, with several professional artists to help you learn!
Book Lovers Club Icon
Community | Writing
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
Daydream Icon
Community | Social
Active calls, chat, and much more! We host many types of activities, are always open to suggestions, and are willing to try new things! Come join us if you like to daydream, socialize, and meet new people!
Vibe & Arts Icon
Art | Music | Gaming
We are looking for musicians, artists, gamers and even content creators alike! We would love to have you come vibe with us and listen to music from our personal music gang while watching our artists or gamers do what they do best!
Muiteron Icon
Art | Writing
If you need a partner to write or draw a Manga this server is what you need. A server for creators, aspirational, or supporters interested in sharing about writing, drawing, manga, visual novels, and the like.
Word Sprints Icon
Writing | Bot
Under construction, but ready to sprint in!
Dungeon of Art Icon
Community | Art
Welcome to Dungeon of Art! We are a 18+ laidback and welcoming art server for all skill levels! This server accepts many forms of art, not just drawing. We wish that everyone can have a good time and grow as artists! Here are some things this server has to offer: - Art Critiques and discussions - Anime discussions - Gaming - Contests - Movie Nights We hope to see you there!
Against the Dying of the Light Icon
Education | Writing
Welcome to the wasteland! This server is an apocalypse-themed dark academia server featuring extensive philosophy and academia channels as well as channels devoted to controversial issues. There is even a channel where aspiring writers, poets, and artists can post their work and receive feedback from peers. Although many aspects of the server are apocalypse-themed and members are often referred to as “survivors”, this is more for aesthetic and atmosphere than anything: this server is NOT a roleplaying server.
Plantophiles Icon
Hobbies | Community | Entertainment
Plantophiles is a community for plant enthusiasts. If you are into indoor houseplants, please join us. We offer chatrooms for: +++ Discussions about plants +++ Plant Care +++ Troubleshooting The community is linked to https://plantophiles.com, our blog about houseplants, where you can find valuable tips about houseplant plant care, plant profiles, read interviews of plant enthusiasts...and..and..and We are looking forward to getting to know you!
Plantophiles Large Banner
Plantophiles Icon
Hobbies | Community | Entertainment
Plantophiles is a community for plant enthusiasts. If you are into indoor houseplants, please join us. We offer chatrooms for: +++ Discussions about plants +++ Plant Care +++ Troubleshooting The community is linked to https://plantophiles.com, our blog about houseplants, where you can find valuable tips about houseplant plant care, plant profiles, read interviews of plant enthusiasts...and..and..and We are looking forward to getting to know you!
The Artist's Club Icon
Art | Community
We are a small community of artists who regularly talk and discuss about drawing, painting, writing and almost every other form of Art that exists. We also post our art in different channels, and we have different events going on almost every week, like Movie Nights, Music Nights etc.
Taco's Writer's Studio Icon
Community | Writing
Welcome to Taco's Writer's Studio, we're here to provide support and encouragement. Regardless of experience and background, from first time writers to published authors Taco's Writer's Studio has room for everyone! 🌿 『 ~ What We Offer ~ 』🌿 🌻- Friendly Community 🌻- Non-Toxic Environment 🌻- Self Assignable Roles 🌻- Wattpad Related Channels 🌻- Quotev Related Channels 🌿 『 ~ What We Hope To Offer Soon ~ 』🌿 🌻- Monthly Writing Contests 🌻- Organized Critique System 🌻- Events & Giveaways 🌻- Writing Resources/Lessons 🌻- Currency System 🌻- And Much More To Come!
World of Marin Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
World of Marin is a Medieval Low-Fantasy Discord that relies on YOUR contributions to our well 5 year old, fleshed out and completely interactive world!
Anything Goes Roleplay Icon
Community | Role-Playing
General Gaming | PbP and Tabletop/Dice Roleplay | Lore Creation and World Builder | Game Development | As the name goes, anything goes...
Christians for Creativity Icon
Beliefs | Art
----JOIN THIS SERVER. THE DUPLICATE HAS BEEN ABANDONED.---- Hello, there! Christians for Creativity is a Sola Scriptura-based Christian/Jewish safe place focused on art, gaming, and other forms of creative expression. We strive to guard each others' hearts in interests that can easily lead us away from God. Some features we offer: -Everyone is welcome here regardless of denomination -40+ chats dedicated to Christianity, creativity, and just hanging out -multiple vcs -daily verse -customizable roles -NO debate chats -two separate emotional support chats for different levels of seriousness, only visible through optional roles -raid protection and manual human verification requirement -constant improvement and expansion through member feedback -member-led Bible Studies -active members and staff -regular vc events
Saturnian Digital Club Icon
Art | Programming
Saturnian Digital Club is an art focused server dedicated to maintaining an encouraging environment to share all types of digital creations. Art, programming, music/sound design, and writing. We welcome beginners, experts and everyone in between!
Sanataide Icon
Community | Writing
Sanataide sai alkunsa yhteisönä kirjallisuudesta ja luovasta kirjoittamisesta kiinnostuneille. Sittemmin olemme laajentaneet kohderyhmää koskemaan kaikenlaista luovaa puuhastelua. Tärkein tavoitteemme on inspiroida juuri sinua antamaan kaikkesi itsesi toteuttamiselle.
The Fiction Freaks Icon
Writing | Gaming
Show your work off to other writers and readers, get feedback, brainstorm ideas, overcome that writer's block and tackle those scenes that have been giving you trouble! The Fiction Freaks is a server made by writers for writers as a hangout group to share works in progress and to develop our skills. We welcome individuals of all skill levels and creativity types. Here we share stories, compete in prompts, brainstorm new ideas, explore tropes and writing lessons, and push ourselves to become better writers. We also host events and competitions! We're also gamers who get up to all sorts of shenanigans; come play with us or catch our streams!
Morrowind Writers' Guild Icon
Writing | Gaming
The unique setting of Morrowind, and the numerous compelling stories and characters in it inspired authors all around the world to write some fantastic pieces of literature about their favorite game. In order to create a space for these authors, and those who enjoy their works, we have created The Morrowind Writers’ Guild Discord server. - Talk with some of the most prominent quest and dialogue mod authors and fan fiction authors, to discuss their works, and provide feedback on them - Submit your own writings and receive feedback on them, as well as to receive advice about becoming a better writer in general -A well-regulated and safe environment for sharing our works, we aim to follow the principle of constructive criticism, and we have zero tolerance towards insults or other inflammatory remarks - Discussions concerning the lore of the Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, modding, and writing - A collaborative fiction project: a play-by-post RPG!
The Write With Me! (WWM) Server Icon
Writing | Community
A writing-based server where creative collaborators on books, film/TV scripts, art, comic books, video games, and other mediums seek partners to work together on projects.
OnePencil Icon
Art | LGBT
A small community of people who make art, music, writing, game and more. You can advertise, get feedback, or just chat with others and meet new people!
Writer's Nook Icon
Writing | LGBT
This is a server for people who love writing, literature and all things library-related. There are competitions, daily questions, writing help, homework help and overall fun.
Fitness Icon
Fitness | Community
Fitness Server dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. Join we're waiting for you
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Fitness Icon
Fitness | Community
Fitness Server dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. Join we're waiting for you
Cinnamon Society Icon
Writing | Social
Die Cinnamon Society ist eine soziale Schreibgruppe - und das ist ihr Discord Server! Hier tauschen wir uns zu allen möglichen Themen rund ums Schreiben und lesen aus und veranstalten hier und da auch wieder gemeinsame Schreibsessions! Jeder kann an seinen eigenen Projekten arbeiten, oder auch an denen in der Cinnamon Society. Du weißt gar nicht, was die Cinnamon Society ist, oder was wir machen? Kurz gesagt: Wir verfassen Kurzgeschichtensammlungen und spenden deren Erlös an wohltätige Organisationen - wenn du mehr wissen willst, join uns doch! :)
reesecakes Icon
Writing | Community
Cheers, Reeses, as this server is filled with fun, smarts and lots and lots (and 'lost'...) of fics! Stories, songs, games, laughs, lil bit of dating, so stop at Latte's Coffee Shoppe or lay down in Venus' Living Room and find something good!
Film Positivity Icon
Entertainment | Writing
Server for the Film Positivity website and YouTube channel. A blog/channel about the things we love about film. If you want to write about film, or just talk about it, you're more than welcome to join us!
Books Server Icon
Hobbies | Writing
You can talk about anything but it’s mainly about books, comics, manga, etc. Movies and art as well. You can also just chill.
A Novel Concept Icon
Hobbies | Entertainment
What is A Novel Concept you ask? Well, it's not exactly novel, there are tons of book clubs out there, but this one? We are a discord server for all those 21+ who love books and book-related things. This is a place for book lovers to meet, read books together, talk about our love for books and passi
Legends of Cybertron Icon
Community | Art
Welcome to The Legends Of Cybertron! Join us and be a Part of a welcoming community. Explore the server and its features. Be a part of interesting TF talks, Role Plays, Art and Creative Channels and more!! Enjoy the servers aesthetically pleasing appearance, handmade stickers and emotes! JOIN NOW!
Creator's World Icon
Music | Art | Programming
Creators World is built for people who are learning and studying Music, Art, Design, Writing, Programming, and Filmmaking. Our goal is to connect Creators with Other Creators for the purpose of helping each other grow and evolve.
Glitchy Team Icon
Social | Role-Playing
Find nice people who you can play games and enjoy a nice time,with fun bots,many channels,and leveling roles(there is also a suggestion channel,in case you have one).
𝕸𝖊𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖔𝖎𝖆 (Metanoia) Icon
Community | Growth
met·a·noi·a /ˌmedəˈnoiə/ noun Change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion. " What he demanded of people was metanoia, repentance, a complete change of heart. " II Metanoia is a server for an escape. No matter what you're going through, you're always welcome here. It might sound a little silly, especially for a server ad. However, that's why I made it. To find those who need support during a hard time, a getaway from their troubles. The internet is mostly used for just that anyways. I hope to see you soon. II
Hogsmeade Publishing Icon
Writing | Community
Hogsmeade Publishing, located at Office 323, Main Street, Hogsmeade, is the premier publishing house in the Wizarding World! Our extensive offices are the perfect place to meet other writers, discuss theory and lore, improve and share your writing, and publish your finished works! Get help in the PR department or hang out and participate in events to get those creative juices flowing! All HP nerds are welcome! **We do not do role-play!** - fun channels and roles! - weekly writing events, monthly prompts, and more! - nitro giveaways! - promote your fanfics! - discuss Harry Potter lore! - make friends!
LGBT | Writing
🫐— JOIN :: STRANGER THINGS FAN ! — in this server we talk about stranger things season 4 … we also talk about other seasons … /// we also have personal channels, writing, roles, chat rooms, editing and much more ! —
○ Creators Continuum ○ Icon
Hobbies | Social
Hey, welcome to oCCo. Our goal is to create a hub of inspirations and networking for all creative types, for the sake of creating things. Are you an artist? Maybe a writer, photographer, musician or designer? If it counts as creative then we'd love to you have you! We want to provide a good opportunity for creative types to meet, help each other, share their work and provide feedback to grow your skill-set. Though we tend to be lax, we aim to grow the community in a positive direction. As a result please be sure to check over the few rules that we have listed.
Earthsavers Icon
Science | Crypto
Earthsavers is a space to discuss and learn how daily actions can boost nature conservation and save the world. Backed by Single.Earth: a GreenTech halting biodiversity loss and climate change.
Earthsavers Large Banner
Earthsavers Icon
Science | Crypto
Earthsavers is a space to discuss and learn how daily actions can boost nature conservation and save the world. Backed by Single.Earth: a GreenTech halting biodiversity loss and climate change.
Stella-rium Icon
Art | Community
Welcome to the Stella-rium! We are a new 18+ Space Themed community which is focused on Art for all skill levels, and being as laidback and welcoming as possible. We also emphasize assisting people of all skill levels to grow as artists, and grow in a community of like-minded people. We here at Stella-rium can offer: * Discussions about Games and Anime * Art Resources and Assistance * Critiques We hope that you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay here!
Novel Library Icon
Anime | Social
- Bots for (Light)novels, manga, weeb news, and soon more. - Selectable roles to choose which news you want to receive - More coming soon
New York Noir Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗬𝗼𝗿𝗸 𝗡𝗼𝗶𝗿 [21+] (Urban Supernatural | Crime | Slice of Life) is a multi-para, lit—adv. lit roleplay that focuses on writerly story-telling and collaborative world-building. Mature, friendly, and OOC drama-free, we aim to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy your hobby!
Writers of Imagination Icon
Writing | Education
This is a place to discuss writing and get feedback on your own writing from the community to improve your writing skills.
Mason Hill: A Magic RP Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Established 2-17-22! AGES 21+ ONLY — For centuries, Mason Hill has been looked upon as a safe haven for all; humans, magicians, and supernaturals alike. While most have sought Mason Hill as a place to be free of scrutiny from the rest of the world, there lurks an evil deep within. A curse put on the town in 1972 has been kept under control by the covens residing there. Though it would seem the last half century has worn the seals protecting the curse thin. As it’s weakened, a clear divide between covens has emerged: some who wish to unite against the curse, and others who believe their magic is enough to seal it once more. But as the covens continue to fight against one another, there are demons busy in the underbelly of Mason Hill planning their next attack on the town, this time believing it will be enough to release the seven princes of hell. These demons are on the prowl for magicians to siphon any and all remaining magic to use as their own.
Marvel: A New Age Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Established 8-15-21! AGES 21+ ONLY Our Story... ︰- ̗̀ ➛ Earth-1145. A similar timeline to Earth-199999, what you might call the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Mutants have always been in this Earth, and so has affected the flow of history. The Avengers continue their work with the reformed SHIELD since the fall of Hydra. The X-Men do their best to keep the threats from evil mutants in check. The government has passed the Mutant Registration Act, essentially creating legal segregation once again. But now a new threat arises... ︰- ̗̀ ➛Our story begins here. What will you do in this new landscape?
[ 𝓢 ] 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓶𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓽𝔂 Icon
Writing | Gaming
Hi. This server is for fun and gaming. Please respect other server members. Remember to have fun..;)
Zenith Copywriting Icon
Writing | Language
We at Zenith are focused on one mission which is transforming copywriting. We seek to be dominant in attractive topics and distinctive writing. We value participation, a willingness to learn and collaboration.
Roleplay Round Table (21+ hub) Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Welcome to Roleplay Round Table, a brand new 21+ hub! We aim to have an inclusive, friendly community that is low on drama and high on moderation. We have plenty of OOC channels for discussion, as well as channels to post ads. Although we are new, we hope to grow! Come join us today and find some new partners!
Beta Buddies Icon
Writing | Art
This server is for anyone looking for beta readers for their current project. We share feedback with each other and help with the editing stages before you share your work with the rest of your audience. We're also there to support our members who have already shared online, spreading each other's stories around and helping you gain traction through social media posts and promo in other servers. Carl is also a part of our server, and he's around to remind other members of your weekly uploads with a link to wherever you upload your work. He also hosts weekly writing sprints, where members try to write as much as they can within an hour. You don't have to be an artist or a writer to join! Readers are more than welcome if you simply want to enjoy others' work.
Unahu Vale Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Two pack, story driven Wolf Roleplay. Lore, Systems, Functions, Story details, and more inside! - This server is 16+, NO exceptions. - NSFW content is prohibited. - Semi-literate, minimum three sentences per post, English. - Proper grammar to your best extent. But room for growth! - More mature themes. (i.e., violence, swearing, etc…) - This is a semi-realistic roleplay, with a touch of religious and even supernatural elements. - Two/Three Unahu characters at a time, and Four Dark Star Allowed, Details inside - Tupperbot for managing characters. - Dice roll system for hunting and litters. - Google docs for character submission. - Ongoing story driven process. - Higher ranks available, details inside as to how to earn them. - Random Events via bot with consequences onto your character. - Your character CAN die.
Loser Club Icon
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the Loser Club!! Have you ever wondered about all those thoughts in your head and want to know if others have those same thought's like you? Well, this is the place you've been looking for. We welcome you to the Loser Club, a place where all the so-called freaks and expert weirdos can be accepted. We’ve a new 16+ server looking for more like minded individuals to help us grow! We try to keep the server toxic free, and we’re open to anyone who would like to join, chat, and make some friends!! Here we can offer: -Self roles for pronouns, age ranges, and other fun activities. - Mostly active members -Many chats for different topics including 3 categories for art, writing, and memes watched by one of the OG losers -Bots to fill your music for boring times -Welcoming and nice members who wish you would stick around a tad bit longer.
e-uphoria Icon
Meme | Social
Surreal dreamscape server. Chill community for all your inner demons. 24/7 sadboy hours with the edgiest members.
e-uphoria Large Banner
e-uphoria Icon
Meme | Social
Surreal dreamscape server. Chill community for all your inner demons. 24/7 sadboy hours with the edgiest members.
Roleplay Realm Icon
Role-Playing | Anime | Social
If you want Roleplay? Join us. If you want to just hang-out? Join us. Want cookies? We got them, so join us.
House Nirgend Icon
Community | Music
Hey folks. Come down to House Nirgend, where creativity runs through the Neon Lounge, a place of welcome and sharing, The Basement, a place of friendship and collaboration and The Anomaly, a place of mystery and conspiracy. This is a server for those who are creative and want to join forces with loads of cool people. I hope to do many projects in the future and grow an incredible community. Hope to see you there!
Cynder Heart Studios Icon
Community | Anime
We're an LGBT+ studio with original content and a happy community. We support everyone here! Come as you are, and come for fun!
Creation Manga & NFT Icon
Anime | Crypto
❤️ A wholesome community of anime and manga fans rallying behind the "Creation" project. A community produced Shonen manga series! ❤️
Stories Together Icon
Stories Together is a bot that helps members of a discord server write stories together! The bot is currently being worked on, and I recommend that any ideas to better the bot be sent to me in the form of the /feedback command. My goal is to eventually have commands & a website where servers can opt-in to having their servers' stories public, and others can read them :).
Stories Together Icon
Writing | Community
Stories Together is a discord server centered around a bot that helps members of a community write terrific tales together! Community stories are written here, ideally cultivating a community of friends to talk to at the same time!
Biblioteca da Meia-Noite Icon
Writing | Art
Se você se interessa em virar um escritor, vai poder conviver com muitas pessoas de sonho igual neste servidor. Aqui, pretendemos aprender uns com os outros sobre escrita-criativa e melhorar nossas leituras, seja através de nossos eventos diários, semanais ou mensais; além de nossos eventos especiais com premiações! Mas, acima de tudo, queremos que os membros possam expor suas próprias obras. Venha colocar suas criações no nosso acervo!
Jih's Journey Official Discord Icon
Community | Writing
If you're interested in reading a story about prehistoric humans on a journey to find a meteor that lands in the North Pole, come on down! We'd love to have you. We're a very small community at the moment, but are looking to expand. As the book is written for mature audiences, the server is 18+. Come by for contests, merch, and more in the coming weeks! Get a chance to talk about all sorts of things and interact with the authors and illustrators on the project!
First Draft Assassins Icon
First Draft Assassins. Your writing sucks, we can fix that. FDA is a writing focused Discord server for serious writers looking for serious feedback. We don't care about your politics or feelings. We're all equally worthless. What we do here is writing, plain and simple. - Get tough love criticism from people who know words cannot hurt you. - Mold your cringe medieval fantasy world into something people would actually read. - Chat with actual adults who deal with life. - Strengthen your writing craft so you can go where you want. Here at First Draft Assassins, we know your story is your baby: precious and perfect in every way. That's why we take your baby and chuck them into an industrial grade meat grinder before firing them into the heart of the sun. Leave your ego at the door, and tell your self doubt to get irrumated. Welcome to First Draft Assassins.
acrosstime Icon
Writing | Art
We are a small artistic community with a variety of interests – writing, game dev, music, and drawing. Come join us and share your creations!
Creativity Enjoyers Icon
Writing | Community
Welcome to the server of Creativity Enjoyers! We focus on supporting each other through writing, art, and reading! This community is open to all friendly people willing to share and contribute to it. If you want to share your creativity, get tips, or chill with cool people, join us Creativity Enjoye
AFRP - Conflict of nations Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Afrp conflict of nations est un serveur discord roleplay qui se base sur le jeu "conflict of nations" de Bytro. Notre serveur propose des parties roleplay dans lesquelles vous incarnez les dirigeants d'un pays que vous choisissez en début de partie. Une partie a toujours un scénario précis qui sera la fondation de l'histoire qui permettra aux joueurs d'écrire la suite de celle-ci au cours de la partie. Le but principal est bien évidemment de diriger son pays, le gérer intérieurement comme extérieurement. Pour se faire, le joueur devra régulièrement écrire des articles dans divers channels, ayant tous des thématiques différentes. Ces articles permettront d'informer les autres joueurs des mesures que vous faites dans votre pays, ceux-ci peuvent aussi permettre de raconter une histoire, une rumeur, un article journal et bien encore ... Si vous aimez l'écriture, êtes fan de rp géopolitique, notre serveur est fait pour vous ! Bienvenue ! :)