Our main priority is to bridge the ever expanding gap between platform and creator. Now to explain further on what we mean; for a long time popular platforms have begun to detach themselves from conversing with the community, even in most replies on social media platforms they use automated responses to communicate with users, effectively severing the ties between platform and creator communication. We believe these ties are important and help the evolution of platforms like theirs. We aim for Sharoont to reopen that bridge again. We are not delusional, we understand the reasoning behind the decisions of these platforms, with more users it becomes harder to keep up with communication and we have no delusion that we are going to become as popular as any of the other video sharing platforms out there, but for those who do come to the platform, we want to make sure they have the ability to communicate with us, the ability to trust us. We accept constructive criticism and have always worked to try and make our workflow better for users. Join our Discord community and become part of the solution!