We are a BRAND NEW server for ADULTS 18 AND OLDER. We welcome gamers, memers, nerds, kinksters, and everyone in between. We are an ALL INCLUSIVE server in support of the LGBTQ+ community and we look for diverse, fun, and interesting people to spend time with! So, please help us GROW! We need members to thrive and get this place bumping! Don't be shy! We don't bite - unless you want us to, of course.

What do we have to offer?

β™‘ A bunch of custom roles to choose from! β™‘ Plenty of fun color roles. Pick your favorite and express yourself! β™‘ Gaming VCs to play with your old or new friends. β™‘ Share selfies, photos of your pets, or share your hobbies! β™‘ Looking for love? We have a dating section available to verified users! β™‘ Looking for something casual? We have a lewder dating section available to verified users! β™‘ Bored? Wanna chit chat with like-minded people? Join one of the many VCs. β™‘ Thirsty? Hit up the requests and ask for some sexy photos. β™‘ NSFW access through a secure verification system. β™‘ Plenty of sexy voice and cam channels to explore. β™‘ Share your favorite adult videos, photos and gifs. β™‘ Roleplay, share literature, poetry, and play with bots!

The party has already started, but all we need is YOU! MUST be 18 or older to participate in this server. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Join now... bring pizza!