Just act like you got some goddamn sense.

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Just act like you got some goddamn sense.

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Art contests returning soon™

Do you like to draw, make music, or just create artsy things in general? Well, we've got some good news for you! Starting this summer we'll be bringing back the server art contests. Each month, the highest voted submission will receive a small monetary prize (around 10 USD) via PayPal, Steam wallet funds, or in the form of Discord Nitro!

You don't have to be a regular member to participate, but it definitely helps your standings, since all entries are voted on by other server members.

Here's hoping we see some nice art soon!

Movie night on Saturday 3/30/19

Come join us on Saturday evening/night for a sci fi movie binge! We'll be starting at roughly 2-3 PM CST, hope to see you there!

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