Hello all, really quickly a few things need to be announced.

We are currently looking for both moderator positions and event manager positions to be filled. We don't require experience, you just have to show up and answer our questions. :) Details of the job(s) is given to you via our application guide. We recommend you read this over before applying, it could be quite beneficial for you. It also explains how to apply cough.

As of today we are starting development for our Minecraft Survival server. All previous progress has been wiped and we are building a new hub & spawn. We have four builders already working on it, if you are interested in helping you can contact our server manager Rusty. The technical work is out of the way, all that's left is to build. With that being said we are also looking for helpers/moderators on our MC server as well. Applying is the same as our other two positions. If you are interested in participating in this server, it will be finished within this month or the next. The server is whitelisted and you will be able to join when it is fully operational, we will release the IP when it's released.. To receive full updates on our Minecraft Server make sure to pick up the 'Minecraft Server Participant' role in the ranks channel.

That's all