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A fun and active community, very addicting! Giveaways, Events, Roles & Leaderboards. Mainly just a place to hang out and have fun. Balanced Male/Female Ratio. Join thousands of others today!

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A fun and active community, very addicting! Giveaways, Events, Roles & Leaderboards. Mainly just a place to hang out and have fun. Balanced Male/Female Ratio. Join thousands of others today!

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We are hosting more Events in the next few days, come and take part! Its a fun time.

Our next Event is a Trivia Event and Google is allowed! Easy amirite ;)

Server Booming!

We recently grew our member count by 300 in just 1 day!

Thank you all to those that joined, I really hope you enjoy your time here!


We took all the feedback we could from our members and now the update is LIVE!

Come and check it out!

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