Hey everyone, the very first game to get support for multiple modes is.. Sniper!

What does “Mode” mean?:

A "mode" of the game is really nothing but a modified version of the original. The game itself remains largely the same, but in this way it can be adjusted just a bit further, which is not an option with voteing, for example.

Sniper, duel mode:

The name speaks for itself, it's the same as the "Classic" version of the game, only now you're playing 1 on 1! Timers have been shortened, and a “Distance to opponent” tracker has been added. The waiting times in the lobby have been reduced from 30 seconds to 8 to make the game start faster. (same as PvP Duels)

Challenge one of your friends in these new modes and see who is really the best! I wish you all a lot of shooting fun!

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