Spliff Roleplay is a semi-serious 100k OR DIE server which offers an active staff team willing to help with anything as well as a dev team that is working around the clock for the official release. Custom gangs allow competitive roleplay to create intriguing shootouts. Participate in events hosted within the city to win rewards such as cars, money, guns etc. Join the discord today to be up to date on all notifications regarding the official release of Spliff Roleplay.

Things our city offers:

Competitive Gangs: Official gangs gain access to custom turfs, clothing colors, cars, and rewards for gang turf wars.

Police and Ems: Not trying to get caught up in the gang nonsense? Take a try at our police department to help fight against the outburst of gang activity or even aid the officers in hand by joining the ems.

Criminal Activities: Gang Turf Wars, Custom Drugs, Gang Events, 1v1 events.

If you're interested and want to give us a shot, join our discord where we have all the information necessary to join our city.

discord.me/spliffroleplay Note: This server is yet to be released, stay tuned in our discord to be officially notified when the server gets released.

No need to install any external software like TeamSpeak to join.