In a fandom where LGBTQ people are so prevalent I think it's more important than anywhere to have pride for who we are.

So this month don't let anyone tell you "Pride is overrated" or that "Pride doesn't matter anymore". As long as there are LGBTQ people out there that don't feel they have a voice pride is always going to be important.

Especially, don't let anyone go off about "Straight Pride", if you don't understand exactly why that is a damaging opinion to hold, it's simple as holding an ideology like that is a protest to a pre-existing protest.

Straight people aren't oppressed, if you're sad because you're a straight furry get over it. Straight people aren't ignored by medical professionals, straight people aren't tied to the backs of trucks and dragged around until they are reduced to bloody gore. Straight people didn't have to, and still don't have to fight for their rights. I bring this up because I'm seeing more and more people treating straight pride like it's some kind of social movement when it's simply not.

LGBTQ+ allies are awesome, but you're just that - an ally. This isn't for straight people. Pride is a celebration of both how far the LGBT movement has came and how far it still has to go, be supportive of that.