There’s an initiative to unite all the zones on 1 discord server, instead of having 8 servers for 7 zones (TW, EG, DSB, HS, DEVA, HZ, Pro League 4v4).

In the long term this will have benefits such as: cross zone development projects, greater awareness between community members (less isolation), encouraging working together and fosters understanding, shows a united front to returning and new players instead of a fragmented one, may lead to a verified discord server which has many benefits, better development of the discord and maintenance.

As our server grows and expands, we can apply to become a verified discord server! This will grant our community the ability to appear in the discord gaming store and search database. It will also help our discord server look extremely professional through the use of new graphics/icons and channel features.

Discord is a text chat program primarily, but it also provides group voice chat for your squad as well as optional game announcements about games starting in each zone.

Please support the initiative for a united Subspace. You can help support and grow the game by joining. We need everyone to help, it's not a one-person job to grow the game it takes everyone’s support.