After a couple of weeks of efficient and well run tryouts, Subversive Gaming now has two full teams for League of Legends. We're currently setting up scrimmages for both the Gold and IBS (Silver) roster teams, in preparation for the Leagues in early 2021. The tryouts were organised and managed by the game General Manager SG iYoked, a fantastic addition to our competitive team here in SG and well worth taking the chance on.

We've since promoted SG iYoked to Deputy Director of our eSports Division, and after some leave he'll be deciding on what, of the below games, Subversive Gaming will be holding tryouts for:

  • Valorant
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Warzone // Call of Duty: Modern Warfare // Call of Duty: Cold War
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • League of Legends (Adding a Platinum and/or Diamond team)

Subversive Gaming takes a new approach to running a three pronged organisation; the community, that holds the casual gamer roster is encased by our Streamer Division and eSports Division. We believe that in order for the organisation to work, and still be able to hold our values closely, the Streamers and eSports players have to be integrated into the community. The community will become the teams biggest supporters, the streamers will get most of their support from the community also. A perfect example of; "You get out what you put in".

The eSports teams also regularly game with our community members, whether it's just playing together or in SG's CEO Cyn's case; he's learning to play League of Legends from the IBS and Gold roster players. He hopes that the directors in eSports will continue this ethos, and many more members across Subversive Gaming will continue to benefit from the experience of it's teams.

-- Written by: DrCyn Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of The Council Subversive Gaming

"Built by gamers, for gamers."