• UPDATED DESIGN We updated the overall look and feel of the server, including new banners, layout and artworks.

• NEW SNS CHAN EMOTES 10+ new emotes have been added, courtesy of GameDipto. More in works!

• FALL GUYS CHANNEL We absolutely love Fall Guys and so we added a new #fall-guys channel for y'all to chat, share images and have discussions about the game!

• NEW SERVER BOTS We added a lot of fun new bots along with new channels for them. Say hi to OwO#8456, Dank Memer#5192, EPIC RPG#4117.

• UPDATED ABOUT US SECTION We updated the #about-us channel to provide more details about our server, roles, bots and more. Have a read.


  • New Mod: Lan#0779, all the way from Australia. Welcome to the team!
  • Coming up: The 2nd year anniversary of SUPERNOOBS on September 6!