.✫゚・゚。.★ The Plot ★.。・゚✫*.

In this vast expanse, the planets that make up our solar system are colonized by technologically-advanced empires composed of cybernetic humans. Some planets don’t even have people at all and in each world, an AI entity that represents the entire celestial body autonomously rules over their constituents. However, the planets are still subject to the central power of Helios, The Sun, the most powerful AI that keeps the Dyson Sphere in check…. That was until Helios mysteriously disappeared. It is up to the eight empires to fill up this abrupt power vacuum.

Come and join people of different backgrounds, from morally-ambiguous geneticists and spacecraft-riding adrenaline junkies to human-robot rights activists and scheming celestial AIs as they navigate through the aftermath of Helios' unprecedented disappearance. Will you be a part of the solution or will you take advantage of this chaos?