We are excited to share our new name, SurveyBot, and our new domain: SurveyBot.gg!

We are also happy to announce some new features! 🎉 🥳

🤖 Edit your survey! Did you make mistakes, found typos after the survey launch? No problem, you can now make changes after the fact. 🤖 Multi-surveys: activate multiple surveys at the same time! 🤖 Now up to 10 questions: you can build a survey of up to 10 questions instead of 5 previously. Keep in mind your survey participants do not like long surveys so 10 is the limit. You have more than 10 questions? No problem, just create more than one survey! 🤖 Scheduling: decide in advance when you want the survey be activated and de-activated. 🤖 Auto-post: let the bot post the survey invitation for you 🤖 More advanced setting options 🤖 New onboarding flow: we make it easier for you to create your first survey and set up the bot.