Once again, it is time to start celebrating (and not just because our @Community is almost at 800 members). Silver Valkyrie has been a long-time supporter of all walks of Roleplay, and it's time again to celebrate it!

Those of you who have been here since last September may remember our first annual Silver Valkyrie Awards, where we celebrate the roleplayers, the artists, the /gpose wizards, the couples, the mentors... everybody! We are once again entering Awards season, but making a few changes this year to help make things even better and celebrate harder!

Nominations are open right now at https://www.sve-awards.co.uk/ but only for self-nominations. Do you want to put yourself forwards as the Best Venue? Cutest Couple? Star of the Free Company? This week it's all about you! But don't worry, nominations open completely on Jun 27th to nominate anybody else, and have others nominate you. Either way, you will have until August 3rd when all nominations close.

  • If you aren't sure what you qualify for, have a look through the Categories: https://www.sve-awards.co.uk/#categories
  • Want to see last year's winners and nominees? They're all up in lights on https://www.sve-awards.co.uk/#past

Questions? Comments? Let us know in #suggestions_box