We love to have maps in our games that aren't traditionally played. This is why we have as an addition to Valve Official Maps, Community maps! Here is our map pool.

Map Pool:

  1. Mirage by Valve
  2. Train by Valve
  3. Inferno by Valve
  4. Nuke by Valve
  5. Overpass by Valve
  6. Dust 2 by Valve
  7. Cache by Valve
  8. Vertigo by Valve
  9. Seaside by Tanuki
  10. Sparity by 3kliksphilips
  11. Aztec by Valve
  12. Mansion by Magnus Lind, Remade in CS:GO by |||||||
  13. Downtown by Tanuki
  14. Dust by Valve

Mansion may be removed, or changed to another remake, depending on the community's opinion.

If you have any opinions on the map pool, such as maps to add/remove, please request it in #requests in the discord server.