Hey there potential members! The owner here! I want to say welcome and thanks for taking a look. I have been running roleplays for over 14 years now with a variety of subjects, but Warriors is always something close to my heart. Creating a roleplay for Discord was a given once I figured it out.

To keep members safe we have several cautionary things in the group to prevent your information or ideas being snagged up by trolls or bots. This includes reacting to rules and guidelines. They look a lot longer and more complicated than they really are, but take your time to read and ask questions when you look them over if you need some help.

We encourage members to spend time taking care of their physical and mental health and enjoy each other's company in our member-only off-topic sever where you can talk about just about anything, get advice, vent, or play games online with each other. We have a dedicated Minecraft server that any member can join just by letting the owner know their name to send an invitation too, and are also often online playing CAH, Fortnite, and other fun games with and without Voice Chat.

Onto the actual roleplay!! The RP takes place at the lake territories. Canon content stopped in 2018-2019 and it has sense been many generations, leaving the events of the series mostly all forgotten. Character designs are required to be semi-realistic with a lot of wiggle room we are happy to help with, but characters can be LGBTQIA+ as well as Polyamorous and many other things as well. We are all about having fun and variety!