November's event! Voice time! Those members who on top 3 (except me) will win prize! How to get prize? Simply just join vc and your vc minutes will count toward

Top 1: Custom role + 10K :coins: Top 2: 5K :coins: Top 3: 3K :coins:

ℹ️ If winner has more than 240 min vc in this month, they will get double the prize! (Except Items) ℹ️ You can only get vc min when you not self-deafen; mute/deafen by admin ⚠️ You can only get prize when your vc time is equal or higher than 30 min vc

The bot i use for this event is @Statbot s? (s?voice), the range time is 01/11 - 28/11 Event will end in 28/11